Nature has blessed mankind with natural ways to good skin, hair and health. I want to talk about nature's gifts to hair care. Over the next editions, we'll let you in on them. For this edition, we'll talk about SHEA BUTTER.

SHEA BUTTER- This is a fatty substance gotten from the nut of the AFRICAN SHEA KARITE TREE. Its is located in the tropics of East and West Africa and it can be used for a number of things, it can be used as a moisturizer, as a body lotion, for food preparation and more. It can be applied directly to the hair, or melted and mixed with your hair cream and used regularly for longer softer hair.
    For centuries SHEA BUTTER has been used as a natural hair care product. Shea butter is enriched with fatty acids and triglyceride, vitamin E, and other nutrients that help build healthy hair and  enrich hair follicle. Shea butter can serve as a pre-wash conditioner when applied throughout the hair and scalp. It prevents drying and the effects of sulfate-shampoos that remove natural oils from the hair. Shea butter moisturizes and conditions the hair, it softens the hair and restores elasticity.
It should be used regularly for awesome results.

 Lora C.Onwugbonu