'We meet your everyday needs for charm, freshness, trend and beauty with X-Pression that helps
people feel good, look good and get more out of life'
X-Pression has been making hair products –weavon, braid, hair pieces- in Africa since 1997. X-Pression is geared towards giving our customers satisfaction with regular development and production of high quality products to ensure
that they are made beautiful at all times. X-Pression will continuously try to make better hair products to level up the beauty of African women as the leading company manufacturing weavon, braid and hair piece in Africa.
Express your beauty with X-Pression products!

 Diligence, Honesty, Sincerity
The basic spirit of our company complies with the spirit of Solpia Group. Diligent, honest and sincere workforce is our
asset and pride. Of course we apply these virtues–diligence, honesty and sincerity to all our dealings and relationship
with our partners and customers. By constantly asking ourselves the following questions, we have eagerly strived to
grow and become better company than yesterday.
(1) Am I diligent in my workplace?     (2) Am I honest to myself?     (3) Am I a sincere person?