Since she started her career in the Yoruba film movie sector years backMercy has made more headlines than some of her older and contemporary colleagues; the stories are all sorts- the good, the bad and the ugly.
Yes this beautiful Edo-born actress and a mother of two, has remained focused and determined to stay on top of her career.

Read what she has to say about her hair:        

 Tell us about your natural hair

My natural hair was very full and of average length. But because I always wear extensions and weaves, it's now very sparse.

How do you take care of it?

Ahh! Honestly, I can't say. I don't really take care of my natural hair the way I ought to. I hardly wear my natural hair because I fix diffrent extensions at diffrent times. But any time I'm opportune to have my natural hair on, I shampoo it and use good hair products to keep it shinning and bouncing.

So which is your favourite hair extension?

I really don't have much preference. Sometimes I may feel like wearing long hair and their are times I feel differently. Indeed, looking at my hairstyles, I think I prefer long extensions but some of my friends think short extensions look better on me.

Have you made a particular hairstyle that your admirers commended?

Yes. There's this one I did. It's 18inches long. I like to wear center parting because it makes me look natural and like an Indian woman. Any time I want to look like an Indian, I just go for the long extensions.

Can you tint your hair to colours like Yellow, red and other crazy colours?

I did it in the past because of a movie I featured in. So if the role I'm given requires me to tint, cut or shave my hair, I'll simply do it.

What dictates your hairstyles?

The occasion at hand does. It won't be proper for me to wear red coloured hair to a dinner party. Apart from wearing a wild hairstyle because of a movie, my kind of person is such that has phobia for wild hairstyles. So, if I'm going to a dinner, I'll like to have my normal natural looks. So, I'll prefer to go for a long weave of Rihanna short hair.

Have you ever made a hairstyle that people thought was horrible on you?

I'm not the adventurous type when it comes to hairstyles. I'm always very careful with the kind of hairstyles I make. There was a time I wanted to do something different with my hair. So I made a  hairstyle using sharp gold colour extension. When my husband saw me, he asked me to take it off immediately. I was adamant and maintained that it soothes me but he made me see reasons that the colour of the hair gave me a different look from my kind of person. The hair didn't last up to three days before I took it off.