She's one of the outstanding Nigerian actresses who broke into acting through popular TV series, Papa Ajasco. Although she picks up roles in English movies, she's made more mark in the Yoruba movie genre. Always calm, Doris takes on her roles with the required professionalism.
And just recently, she parted ways with her producer husband, Daniel Ademilokan with whom she has a son .
Here is Doris's hair story

Tell us about your natural hair
At the moment, my natural hair is not long. it's short but I used to have a long hair. Along the line, I just felt like doing something different with my hair. So I cut it into Anita Baker style and after a while, I allowed it grow back. So, my hair is now short.

Which of your parents did you take your hair after?
I took it after my mother.
So how does it feel always wearing a short hair?
It feels very lovely but it's not all the time I wear my short hair. I still fix, braid and make Corn row. I do whatever I want with my hair depending on what I want that a particular time.

So which is your best hairstyle?
I love hairstyles that go with my face. I don't really have a favourite hairstyle. Although I love long extensions but I don't like it touching my back. So I think somehow, I prefer short hairstyles.

Unlike other actresses, I've noticed that you like wearing your natural hair a lot. Why?
It's my hair and there's nothing to be ashamed of in it. Although it's not long like I said, it's full. So I don't see reasons why I can't wear it. Besides, it fits me.

Does your mood dictate your hairstyles?
No it doesn't.

Because I believe that a woman should always look good no matter how she feels. And a woman should always make her hair to please her man whether she feels good or not.

So which hairstyle can't you be caught wearing?
I don't like puffy hairstyles so I can't be caught wearing an Afro.

What about tinting your hair to loud colours like red, yellow...?
Yes I can

But people think you're this cool type.
I love colours so I can tint my hair into colourful shades. Besides, I love experimenting with my hair. And in case you haven't noticed, my natural hair colour is gold.