Although she made her debut into the music industry not too long ago, she's however one of the female singers to be reckoned with. Ranging from the energy she puts into her songs, to her strong voice- you could never walk away but pay attention to her melody.

Here's Waje's hair experience.

What does your natural hair look like?

My natural hair is full but short. It's tough too and I think I have the most annoying hair ever.

Why make such a statement about your hair?

Because it takes too long to relax and it's really stressful. I don't know how to explain it but my hair is really funny. In fact, I had to cut it low and it's just growing now.
Does that mean you can't wear your natural hair to events?
Of course I can. In fact, I've been wearing my natural hair for days now. But because my hair is very tough, i had to stop using the normal relaxer and switched to moisturizing relaxer so that my hair can be softer,  then I'll be really happy to wear my hair to events most of the times without looking weird.

which type of hair extension do you like most?

I love human hair because it allows me to leave out some of my hair and still look natural, but most of the times, i prefer not to leave out any part of my hair so that my hair won't break.

Can you wear crazy coloured hairstyles?

I wish i can, but my fans won't like it. If i start wearing such, my fans will start to think I've gone crazy. so i can't because i want to still be relevant to my fans and still win more fans. But I have some golden hair at the middle of my hair but i dye it most of the times.

Which hairstyle can't you be caught wearing?

I don't think i can wear fringe. Although some of my friends think it looks great on me but i think otherwise.

There's also this hairstyle that I made sometime ago. One side of it was long and the other side was short. Although I liked it but my fans think it made me look more like a rap artiste instead of an R n B which I am.

But really, I can't be caught wearing the 3 in 1 weave-on because it wasn't made for Africans but the Chinese.