She's one of the Ghanian actresses who rule the movie industry both home and abroad. Nadia Buhari made her debut into the movie industry long ago, enough to hold her own.  Although controversial, the actress still manages to win more fans.                                 

 Nadia talks about her hair experience.         

You wear extensions a lot. Is your natural hair presentable at all?                       

Of course my hair is damn presentable. And if you must know, my natural hair is light brown, curly and long.                         

Really, so who did you take it after?               

Although my parents are both hairy but I'd say I took it after my mum.                                     

Do you cherish your natural hair enough to care for it?                                                       

` Yes I cherish my hair. In fact, I condition it a lot because I colour it most of the times. Also I put a lot of oil because my hair is very dry.                                                       

So can you flaunt your natural hair?                                 

Yes I wear my natural hair a lot of the times, even in movies. I love my hair. The only times that I wear extensions are when I'm tired of wearing my natural hair.                                                     

 It's like you prefer long extensions?             

 Not really. It depends on the kind of looks I want to achieve.                               

 What about your moods?                           

Of course. There are times I'd like to look elegant and long extensions are elegant to wear.                           Can you cut your hair for anything?                             

I cut my hair most of the times.                                             

 I mean low cut?                                         

Yes, it depends.I will cut it if I'm required to act a role like that.                   

What about shaving it all?                           

 (laughs)I can only do that if the money is worth it.     

Do you love colours on your hair?               

Yes, I love gold.                                           

 What about colours like red, blue, yellow...?                                                     

That's way too much. But who knows? I may decide to go crazy if my mood accepts it.


I love Naidia's hair too. The interview is cool.