To many, his name is synonymous with Channel 'O', a vibrant music station. Denrele started his career at age 11 with Kidivision 101. He was once a model before his job as a presenter at SoundCity. This partly Indian OAP, is notorious for experimenting with his hair and clothing.
Born Adenrele Edun, today, he speaks on how he cares for his hair.
Read on.

Tell me about your hair.
I started growing my hair since my university days. Then I was into modeling. Among the models, i was the smallest and skinniest. So I need something that would project my image and make me more noticed. Even then, my lecturers would walk me out of the class, girls would scorn me but I didn't care because I knew where I was heading to.
Today, everyone has come to accept me the way I am.
How do you care for it?
You wont believe it but I'm one of those people whose hair hasn't been relaxed. my hair is 100% natural. You can touch it to be sure. My hair is very strong and spongy and I've done everything imaginable to it. I've coloured it red, blue, pink, yellow, even multi-colours.
My hair doesn't cut, and that it is still long is still a miracle. Although I don't spend much on my hair as people think, it is still one of my best statements. I can be outrageous with my hairstyles. I've fixed weave-on, I've bond, gun, braid, tint- in short, my hair is as strong as the person inside me.
People ask how much I spend on my hair. I spend a lot and I also visit exotic salons. I love and I'm proud of my hair.
Since you so cherish your hair. Can you cut it for anything?
If the money is good, I'll cut it. But if there's no money involved, I won't. I can shave it if my hair is caught in a fire outbreak. But then, people may think that'll be the end of my life but that'll be the very beginning. I'll definitely live.