If you describe her as the actress with the big-size boobs, you are not far from the truth. Aside that,  she's one of the goddesses of the Yoruba movie genre, and that's because she's good at what she does. Foluke relates her hair experience.
 Can you describe what your natural hair looks like?                                                
My natural hair is full but I have a little problem with the front hairline. Because of regular visits to salons, it breaks off at will. Aside that, my hair grows really fast. For example, I had this low cut three months ago but it's all grown again. 
Why did you cut your hair? 
I just got tired and wanted something different. In fact, I wanted to go bald but my mum advised me not to. So instead of going bald, I went for baby curls. 
 And you don't find the low cut boring? 
No. I don't feel bored. I have loads of lace wigs in the house that I wear as alternatives. But I'm one person that's crazy about weaves. And if I calculate the money I've spent on weaves, it's more than N2m. So can you still rock your natural hair?    
Yes I can wear it because I love to look natural. You know I have a baby face. So, wearing baby curls makes me look young and innocent. And then, I can always pour water on my hair because staying a long time without water touching my hair gives me headache. The alternative to looking natural is wearing braids. But anytime I go for lace wigs, it gives me a different look because it has to do with the front hairline.
Which is the craziest hairstyle you've ever done?  
There was a time I went all the way to Surulere to make my hair. And by the time I was through with it, the hair was full that it made me look razz. I couldn't wear the hair to the event I made it for. It was so badly made that I had to cover my hair to the event and had it loosened same day.  Another crazy hairstyle I made was Suku bond together with needle and thread. After making the hair, I couldn't sleep. Although the hairstyle was nice, it was extremely painful.
Can you use crazy colours on your hair?
  Sometimes I use a touch of red.
 You said earlier that you wanted to cut your hair. Can you still do that? Yes I may decide to cut it especially if I'm offered to cut for a movie role-it's a plus for me.