She might probably strike you as a weird one. Her one sided hairstyle contributes to it. Yet, she's one of the female rap act with an air of difference. Right from her debut album, B.O.U.Q.U.I, she made it clear that she's on the Lord's side.                                       
  Bukola Afolayan, a.k.a BOUQUI, daughter of Biochemist professor and a professional teacher mother, an Obafemi Awolowo graduate, started as a broadcaster at the Eko FM, Lagos before she veered into music.                                        She's talks about her hair. Enjoy.
Tell us about your natural hair.                   
 My natural hair is black, short, kinda curly!!But short, I like it short.                          
Why choose this characteristic hairstyle of yours?                                                      
My stylist always creates my hairstyles and I can be very adventurous. So I'm always open to new ideas.                          
So how do you make it healthy?                 
  I wash it regularly, that's universal, and avoid too much heat and relaxing. But when to relax one's hair depends on the nature and texture of one's hair.                  
Why do you cut your hair low?                   
  I like to stand away, stand up and stand out. Being normal is boring.                          
Don't your moods determine your hairstyles?                                                              
My hairstyles are sensual and seasonal. So I rock them well per season. My moods don't really have a say on how I wear my hair.                                                
Which is your best hairdo?                          
I kinda like the very first BOUQUI. Maybe not as extreme as that any more. But that was kinda cool, with the red in front and low cut at the back.             
I don't really know. I guess it shows how cutting edge I can be.                                  
Which hairdo will you not be caught wearing?                                                          
I've never placed an absolute on that. I can rock anything.                                       
 Do you like colours on your hair?                
Yes. I did something like that in the past. But like I said, it's time to put away childish things. But don't take my words for it. I might want to be a child again, soon.                                                  
Can you shave your hair completely?          
Considering it!