Lami philips isn't your regular kind of artiste and that's because she doesn't sing your regular kind of dancehall or hip-hop. Her brand of music is for the matured and classy-the more reason why you don't get to see or hear about her all of the time. But anytime you do see or hear her, her songs could touch your soul.
Read Lami's hair experience below:
Tell me about your hair.
I'm actually a hair lazy person and that's because my manager has to literarily beg me to go to the salon and get my hair fixed, or just do something to my hair. Else, I'm not your regular kind of lady who would stand before the mirror and start re-arranging my hair. And thats the more reason why most of the times I like to put my hair into weaves for convenience.
Does it mean your natural hair isn't all that okay?
No, my hair is full about the length of an Afro. But like two years ago when I wanted to do something different with my hair, I called my hair stylist and we agreed to change my hair colour into red! so my hair is red but I'm trying to regrow it back into black.
Is that why your hair is looking rough right now?
Not really. I actually went for a dance rehearsal for my next video and that's why my weave on looks rough.
So which do you prefer-long or short extensions?
Although I love short hair because it doesn't give much trouble but long extensions really suits me because it enhances my stature.
Can you rock your natural hair as a celeb?
Yes I can wear my natural hair. As at the time I coloured it into red, I used to wear it like that, even now when I remove the extension I'm wearing, you'll still see the red colour. But whenever I have a show, I would go get my hair done. The only time you can see my hair is when I'm at home and on vacation when I'm going nowhere.
So for how long do you wear each hairstyle?
Two weeks.