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She's one of the outstanding Nigerian actresses who broke into acting through popular TV series, Papa Ajasco. Although she picks up roles in English movies, she's made more mark in the Yoruba movie genre. Always calm, Doris takes on her roles with the required professionalism.
And just recently, she parted ways with her producer husband, Daniel Ademilokan with whom she has a son .
Here is Doris's hair story

Tell us about your natural hair
At the moment, my natural hair is not long. it's short but I used to have a long hair. Along the line, I just felt like doing something different with my hair. So I cut it into Anita Baker style and after a while, I allowed it grow back. So, my hair is now short.

Which of your parents did you take your hair after?
I took it after my mother.
So how does it feel always wearing a short hair?
It feels very lovely but it's not all the time I wear my short hair. I still fix, braid and make Corn row. I do whatever I want with my hair depending on what I want that a particular time.

So which is your best hairstyle?
I love hairstyles that go with my face. I don't really have a favourite hairstyle. Although I love long extensions but I don't like it touching my back. So I think somehow, I prefer short hairstyles.

Unlike other actresses, I've noticed that you like wearing your natural hair a lot. Why?
It's my hair and there's nothing to be ashamed of in it. Although it's not long like I said, it's full. So I don't see reasons why I can't wear it. Besides, it fits me.

Does your mood dictate your hairstyles?
No it doesn't.

Because I believe that a woman should always look good no matter how she feels. And a woman should always make her hair to please her man whether she feels good or not.

So which hairstyle can't you be caught wearing?
I don't like puffy hairstyles so I can't be caught wearing an Afro.

What about tinting your hair to loud colours like red, yellow...?
Yes I can

But people think you're this cool type.
I love colours so I can tint my hair into colourful shades. Besides, I love experimenting with my hair. And in case you haven't noticed, my natural hair colour is gold.


When asked wether she likes Brazillian hair,here's what she has to say about buying Brazillian hair.
"My dear first of all, it’s too expensive. I pay school fees. I have children so it’s not that easy. Their education is more important to me. If anybody gives me, I’ll wear it, but for me to buy it, I don’t think I can."

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Since she started her career in the Yoruba film movie sector years backMercy has made more headlines than some of her older and contemporary colleagues; the stories are all sorts- the good, the bad and the ugly.
Yes this beautiful Edo-born actress and a mother of two, has remained focused and determined to stay on top of her career.

Read what she has to say about her hair:        

 Tell us about your natural hair

My natural hair was very full and of average length. But because I always wear extensions and weaves, it's now very sparse.

How do you take care of it?

Ahh! Honestly, I can't say. I don't really take care of my natural hair the way I ought to. I hardly wear my natural hair because I fix diffrent extensions at diffrent times. But any time I'm opportune to have my natural hair on, I shampoo it and use good hair products to keep it shinning and bouncing.

So which is your favourite hair extension?

I really don't have much preference. Sometimes I may feel like wearing long hair and their are times I feel differently. Indeed, looking at my hairstyles, I think I prefer long extensions but some of my friends think short extensions look better on me.

Have you made a particular hairstyle that your admirers commended?

Yes. There's this one I did. It's 18inches long. I like to wear center parting because it makes me look natural and like an Indian woman. Any time I want to look like an Indian, I just go for the long extensions.

Can you tint your hair to colours like Yellow, red and other crazy colours?

I did it in the past because of a movie I featured in. So if the role I'm given requires me to tint, cut or shave my hair, I'll simply do it.

What dictates your hairstyles?

The occasion at hand does. It won't be proper for me to wear red coloured hair to a dinner party. Apart from wearing a wild hairstyle because of a movie, my kind of person is such that has phobia for wild hairstyles. So, if I'm going to a dinner, I'll like to have my normal natural looks. So, I'll prefer to go for a long weave of Rihanna short hair.

Have you ever made a hairstyle that people thought was horrible on you?

I'm not the adventurous type when it comes to hairstyles. I'm always very careful with the kind of hairstyles I make. There was a time I wanted to do something different with my hair. So I made a  hairstyle using sharp gold colour extension. When my husband saw me, he asked me to take it off immediately. I was adamant and maintained that it soothes me but he made me see reasons that the colour of the hair gave me a different look from my kind of person. The hair didn't last up to three days before I took it off.

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Although she made her debut into the music industry not too long ago, she's however one of the female singers to be reckoned with. Ranging from the energy she puts into her songs, to her strong voice- you could never walk away but pay attention to her melody.

Here's Waje's hair experience.

What does your natural hair look like?

My natural hair is full but short. It's tough too and I think I have the most annoying hair ever.

Why make such a statement about your hair?

Because it takes too long to relax and it's really stressful. I don't know how to explain it but my hair is really funny. In fact, I had to cut it low and it's just growing now.
Does that mean you can't wear your natural hair to events?
Of course I can. In fact, I've been wearing my natural hair for days now. But because my hair is very tough, i had to stop using the normal relaxer and switched to moisturizing relaxer so that my hair can be softer,  then I'll be really happy to wear my hair to events most of the times without looking weird.

which type of hair extension do you like most?

I love human hair because it allows me to leave out some of my hair and still look natural, but most of the times, i prefer not to leave out any part of my hair so that my hair won't break.

Can you wear crazy coloured hairstyles?

I wish i can, but my fans won't like it. If i start wearing such, my fans will start to think I've gone crazy. so i can't because i want to still be relevant to my fans and still win more fans. But I have some golden hair at the middle of my hair but i dye it most of the times.

Which hairstyle can't you be caught wearing?

I don't think i can wear fringe. Although some of my friends think it looks great on me but i think otherwise.

There's also this hairstyle that I made sometime ago. One side of it was long and the other side was short. Although I liked it but my fans think it made me look more like a rap artiste instead of an R n B which I am.

But really, I can't be caught wearing the 3 in 1 weave-on because it wasn't made for Africans but the Chinese.

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Darnell is from New York and has gained well over a decade of experience to his credit. He began his career with Aveda Institute, Manhattan, where he perfected his skills in cosmetology, cutting, colouring, styling and skin care.

Following the completion of his cosmetology program at the Aveda Institute where Darnell Graduated with honors, he began taking advanced training with some of the industry's leading professionals such as Ted Gibson, Nick Arrojo, Ruth Roche and many more.

Kicking off his career, he began work as a full service multicultural hairstylist for Aveda and later as a freelance hairstylist.

Darnell began making his mark in the editorial and fashion world, where he was able to do hair for several fashion week events and photo shoots.

He also went into skin care and cosmetics, where he established himself as a top selling makeup artist and skin care specialist for some leading beauty fortune 500 companies like Clinique, Sephora and Estee Lauder.

Presently, Darnell works as a successful hairstylist in New York and has developed a luxury custom wig and hair extension business with customized and hand sewn high quality virgin hair wigs for clients world wide.

Darnell is able to apply all of his perfect stylist expertise into gorgeous wigs, using high quality virgin hair and applied custom colouring, styling and cutting to exceed the expectations of his clients who include celebrities, reality television personalities, cancer survivors, women dealing with hair loss due to illness, as well as the everyday woman who wants to look and feel fabulous.

Aside his success in the beauty world, he's also a social worker who makes a difference in the lives of women around the world.

His article, Hairdressing has been able to make women look and feel great, plus counseling and give emotional support to women with hair loss.

Darnell's ultimate Goal is to eventually develop a non-profit organization where he can provide realistic wigs to women dealing with hair loss, as well as makeovers, beauty services and counseling for women dealing with low self esteem.