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She might probably strike you as a weird one. Her one sided hairstyle contributes to it. Yet, she's one of the female rap act with an air of difference. Right from her debut album, B.O.U.Q.U.I, she made it clear that she's on the Lord's side.                                       
  Bukola Afolayan, a.k.a BOUQUI, daughter of Biochemist professor and a professional teacher mother, an Obafemi Awolowo graduate, started as a broadcaster at the Eko FM, Lagos before she veered into music.                                        She's talks about her hair. Enjoy.
Tell us about your natural hair.                   
 My natural hair is black, short, kinda curly!!But short, I like it short.                          
Why choose this characteristic hairstyle of yours?                                                      
My stylist always creates my hairstyles and I can be very adventurous. So I'm always open to new ideas.                          
So how do you make it healthy?                 
  I wash it regularly, that's universal, and avoid too much heat and relaxing. But when to relax one's hair depends on the nature and texture of one's hair.                  
Why do you cut your hair low?                   
  I like to stand away, stand up and stand out. Being normal is boring.                          
Don't your moods determine your hairstyles?                                                              
My hairstyles are sensual and seasonal. So I rock them well per season. My moods don't really have a say on how I wear my hair.                                                
Which is your best hairdo?                          
I kinda like the very first BOUQUI. Maybe not as extreme as that any more. But that was kinda cool, with the red in front and low cut at the back.             
I don't really know. I guess it shows how cutting edge I can be.                                  
Which hairdo will you not be caught wearing?                                                          
I've never placed an absolute on that. I can rock anything.                                       
 Do you like colours on your hair?                
Yes. I did something like that in the past. But like I said, it's time to put away childish things. But don't take my words for it. I might want to be a child again, soon.                                                  
Can you shave your hair completely?          
Considering it!

Monday, 21 October 2013


African-American women allow strangers in Union Square Park to get a feel of their afros, weaves, braids and dreadlocks in a film that explores how they and others view their diverse tresses.

Model Maliha Ahmad lets people touch her hair in Union Square in a film that explores black women’s discomfort with others’ fascination.  UN-RULY.COM
It's not every day a group of black women let you — invite, you, even — to touch their hair.

But that's the premise of the short film, "You Can Touch My Hair," which shows strangers in Union Square Park approaching African-American women, reaching out with eager hands for a feel of their Afros and dreadlocks.

"I want to see if it's soft," says one white woman. "Yeah, it is! It's soft like a baby's."

The exhibit was organized by Antonia Opiah, the founder of, a website dedicated to black hair. Her film, created in partnership with Pantene Pro-V and premiering Sunday night on YouTube, aims to dig deeper into the country's fascination with African-American hair, and how the women who wear it feel about being the subjects of such wonder.

Maya Chung, Joliana Hunter-Ellin and Autumn McHugh hold up their signs in Union Square, where they give people permission to touch their locks — a request they say they get often. HEUI SONG SON


And it all centers around one loaded question: Can I touch your hair?

"One woman in the film said she gets asked almost every day," said Opiah, who recently moved to Paris from New York. "It's a frequent thing people are experiencing. Mostly people with natural hair. I realized there was a story to be told here."

Comparisons were drawn to Sarah Baartman, the 19th-century slave who lived in cages as a freak show attraction, so gawkers could admire her oversized derriere.

Safiya Songhai, Michaela Angela Davis, Autumn McHugh and Antonia Opiah will premiere the film ‘You Can Touch My Hair’ at 9 p.m. Sunday.

Asking to touch a woman's hair elicits those same feelings of freakishness, Opiah explained.


"Women say it made them feel like they're different or strange. It made them feel vulnerable," she said. "It makes them feel like they're some sort of an alien. And I do feel like it's different when a white person asks than when a black person asks the question. When a white person asks, there is an inclination to question the intent. When a black person asks, there is an assumed shared experience — it feels like less of an affront."

In the film, several women share their stories, including activist Michaela Angela Davis, who points out that when it comes to hair, black women are doomed from the beginning.
Michaela Angela Davis, Autumn McHugh and Antonia Opiah hold a panel discussion in the Tribeca Screening Room.

"Most of us are taught or start off with the understanding that something is wrong with our hair," she says. "Whether it's our grandmothers wrestling us to the ground to tame it into ponytails. ... There's pain and crying and suffering. And most people who do our hair, their first lesson is to change it."

At a panel discussion following a private preview of the film, the women brought up painful memories from school — bullies who jammed their hands in girls' weaves and screamed "track check!" as well as swim lessons and beach days they had to miss out on of fear their hair would get wet.


Opiah hopes the film helps relieve some of the curiosity about black women's hair, and open the discussion for more questions.

Her next film will focus on how hair culture differs in cities like Paris and London.

"They don't have the same racial history as America," she said. "I think it will be really exciting to see, do they get offended by those questions?"

The film premieres 9 p.m. Sunday on

Friday, 18 October 2013


She's one of the Ghanian actresses who rule the movie industry both home and abroad. Nadia Buhari made her debut into the movie industry long ago, enough to hold her own.  Although controversial, the actress still manages to win more fans.                                 

 Nadia talks about her hair experience.         

You wear extensions a lot. Is your natural hair presentable at all?                       

Of course my hair is damn presentable. And if you must know, my natural hair is light brown, curly and long.                         

Really, so who did you take it after?               

Although my parents are both hairy but I'd say I took it after my mum.                                     

Do you cherish your natural hair enough to care for it?                                                       

` Yes I cherish my hair. In fact, I condition it a lot because I colour it most of the times. Also I put a lot of oil because my hair is very dry.                                                       

So can you flaunt your natural hair?                                 

Yes I wear my natural hair a lot of the times, even in movies. I love my hair. The only times that I wear extensions are when I'm tired of wearing my natural hair.                                                     

 It's like you prefer long extensions?             

 Not really. It depends on the kind of looks I want to achieve.                               

 What about your moods?                           

Of course. There are times I'd like to look elegant and long extensions are elegant to wear.                           Can you cut your hair for anything?                             

I cut my hair most of the times.                                             

 I mean low cut?                                         

Yes, it depends.I will cut it if I'm required to act a role like that.                   

What about shaving it all?                           

 (laughs)I can only do that if the money is worth it.     

Do you love colours on your hair?               

Yes, I love gold.                                           

 What about colours like red, blue, yellow...?                                                     

That's way too much. But who knows? I may decide to go crazy if my mood accepts it.

Friday, 11 October 2013




If you describe her as the actress with the big-size boobs, you are not far from the truth. Aside that,  she's one of the goddesses of the Yoruba movie genre, and that's because she's good at what she does. Foluke relates her hair experience.
 Can you describe what your natural hair looks like?                                                
My natural hair is full but I have a little problem with the front hairline. Because of regular visits to salons, it breaks off at will. Aside that, my hair grows really fast. For example, I had this low cut three months ago but it's all grown again. 
Why did you cut your hair? 
I just got tired and wanted something different. In fact, I wanted to go bald but my mum advised me not to. So instead of going bald, I went for baby curls. 
 And you don't find the low cut boring? 
No. I don't feel bored. I have loads of lace wigs in the house that I wear as alternatives. But I'm one person that's crazy about weaves. And if I calculate the money I've spent on weaves, it's more than N2m. So can you still rock your natural hair?    
Yes I can wear it because I love to look natural. You know I have a baby face. So, wearing baby curls makes me look young and innocent. And then, I can always pour water on my hair because staying a long time without water touching my hair gives me headache. The alternative to looking natural is wearing braids. But anytime I go for lace wigs, it gives me a different look because it has to do with the front hairline.
Which is the craziest hairstyle you've ever done?  
There was a time I went all the way to Surulere to make my hair. And by the time I was through with it, the hair was full that it made me look razz. I couldn't wear the hair to the event I made it for. It was so badly made that I had to cover my hair to the event and had it loosened same day.  Another crazy hairstyle I made was Suku bond together with needle and thread. After making the hair, I couldn't sleep. Although the hairstyle was nice, it was extremely painful.
Can you use crazy colours on your hair?
  Sometimes I use a touch of red.
 You said earlier that you wanted to cut your hair. Can you still do that? Yes I may decide to cut it especially if I'm offered to cut for a movie role-it's a plus for me.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


 WOWWW!!!!! If you were born before the 90s, then you will definitely remember these. Can you name some of these hairstyles; do you have pictures of yourselves adorning them? Let’s have your say, and your pix. Enjoy…..

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


To many, his name is synonymous with Channel 'O', a vibrant music station. Denrele started his career at age 11 with Kidivision 101. He was once a model before his job as a presenter at SoundCity. This partly Indian OAP, is notorious for experimenting with his hair and clothing.
Born Adenrele Edun, today, he speaks on how he cares for his hair.
Read on.

Tell me about your hair.
I started growing my hair since my university days. Then I was into modeling. Among the models, i was the smallest and skinniest. So I need something that would project my image and make me more noticed. Even then, my lecturers would walk me out of the class, girls would scorn me but I didn't care because I knew where I was heading to.
Today, everyone has come to accept me the way I am.
How do you care for it?
You wont believe it but I'm one of those people whose hair hasn't been relaxed. my hair is 100% natural. You can touch it to be sure. My hair is very strong and spongy and I've done everything imaginable to it. I've coloured it red, blue, pink, yellow, even multi-colours.
My hair doesn't cut, and that it is still long is still a miracle. Although I don't spend much on my hair as people think, it is still one of my best statements. I can be outrageous with my hairstyles. I've fixed weave-on, I've bond, gun, braid, tint- in short, my hair is as strong as the person inside me.
People ask how much I spend on my hair. I spend a lot and I also visit exotic salons. I love and I'm proud of my hair.
Since you so cherish your hair. Can you cut it for anything?
If the money is good, I'll cut it. But if there's no money involved, I won't. I can shave it if my hair is caught in a fire outbreak. But then, people may think that'll be the end of my life but that'll be the very beginning. I'll definitely live.