Natural Hair?? Nay or Yay?

There is this general belief that plaiting ones natural hair is a thing of the past and should no longer have a foothold in this modern day.

We decided to go in search of this and found one very interesting person to talk to.

Here is Orekelewa's HairExperience

Q: What inspires you to do local hair styles?
A: I just love it because it looks better on me and as Africans we need to practise our culture at times. Am black and proud.

Q: Dont you ever feel shy rocking this styles?
A: No, Like I said it looks better on me. Am proud of it anytime any day.

Q: So amongst all the styles which is your favourite and why?
A: Shoko looks good on me, so I do it most times. Its my favourite because its an African heritage. As a yoruba woman I love to look different from others at times. 

Q: If you met a lady who feel with such a hair style she would be inferior to her peers, what advice would you give to her?
A: I would advice her to be herself. There's nothing like being proud of who u are, where u from, every black woman should be bold and proud of who they are.

Q: Lastly, do you think the male folks appreciate this kind of hair as compared to the artificial ones?
A: Most male love it and some don't appreciate it but believe me a true African man will appreciate the hair than artificial ones. Its brings out the real African beauty in you, so most man love it than artificial hairs.