Busola Wahab, notably known as BOOBA is a Nigerian Model. She has contested several well recognised pageants as well as won the face of Akinmusic Nigerian Girl contest.
We got her to talk to her and share in her #HAIR experience.....
Read below:
Q: Tell us, as a model.... how has it been? A: Being a model has been perfectly fine.
Q: Thats great. Do you think the 'hair' is a part of a model's world? A: Of course , a model's appearance is part of what makes her a model , and there's no good appearance without an amazing hair.
Q: For you, what makes a hair amazing? A: Constant cleaning and care makes a person's hair amazing.
Q: Do you have any special hair tip or secrets for ur hair? A: Care for it , love it and people would love it too.
Q: What inspires you to do a hair style? A: I love feeling comfortable , and when I see a hairstyle I feel comfortable in, I do it.
Q: Whats your favourite hairstyle? A: I love braids, all black, long and twisted.
Q: If you had one last hair advice.. what advice would you give? A: Its like I said earlier , care for it ,love it and people would love it too.
So there you have it....
Care, love, value, appreciate and rock your hair....
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