Going blonde or having a blonde hair can be a little difficult to handle, we know this and have gone in search of ways to help maintain your blonde hair.
It is known that blonde hair shows both dirt and grease easily. Blonde hair can be amazing, if you can take care of it!
There are some helpful ways to get your golden locks looking stunning!
Here are a few tips for you to follow:
1) First of all, learn to wash your hair every day, or every other day. It depends on how oily your hair gets, how thick it is, and how tight your schedule is.
2) Use shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Massage the shampoo at the roots with your fingertips, carefully, so you do not pull out any strands of hair, and lather the bubbles from the shampoo to the tips of your hair. Take a quarter -sized amount of conditioner, and comb it all through your hair, (avoid rubbing into roots).
3) After you wash your hair, wring it out with a
clean towel until damp.
4) Every other time you take your shower, blow dry your hair at the lowest heat setting. Use a brush and comb upwards from root to tip, following the brush with a blow dryer. This will give your hair proper shine, and volume.
5) When your hair is completely dry, brush it
out, and part your hair. To avoid frizziness,
you could possibly work a little gel or pomade
into your hair.
6)  If your hair is thin, wear a hat on a sunny
day, to avoid scalp burns, and heat damage.
7) Buy a heat protectant spray, if you use a
straightener, curler, or blow dryer often.
8) Remember to keep your hair away from excessive heat and fire.
9) And lastly, ROCK YOUR BLONDE!!.
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