Alex Okoroji is the Queen of Naked Talks.
Her Blog is ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS, her radio show is THE NAKED TALK....her soon-to-be released book is THE NAKED EXPERIENCE....and her upcoming Webinar is THE NAKED CHALLENGE 101.
In short, we officially crown her Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Naked Talks.
The beautiful and awesomely talented actress, writer, voice over talent and presenter is also the daughter of the Chairman Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji. She was our guest on @hairvolutionmmag ##hairforum this week, enjoy her #hair-xperience...
Q: Let’s welcome the awesomely beautiful and talented Alex Okoroji to today’s hair forum. Actress, writer, what more Alex?

A: Hahahaha, so much more. Add voice over talent, podcaster, internet radio host and self help mentor. But i really like to think of myself as an expressionist, because i use varied mediums of art to express myself and empower others.
Q: Been Meaning to ask you since forever, what is it like to be Chief Okoroji’s daughter?
A: Trust me, it’s tedious, a high level of expectation from so many people and a  standard that has been set so high by my father
Q: Let’s get down to the business of the day, what does hair mean to you?
A: Hair to me is power, it is the covering and crowning glory of every woman, it is the life of beauty in its essence.
Q: What are your earliest hair memories?
A: Let me think...the days i used to rock Evelyn King, Mirror in the sun to school or wear my long hair in a tight bun
Q: Who made your first hair, can you remember?
A: It may have been my mum, probably put it in two ponytails. I also remember my father fiddling with my hai. still, my first official plait was done by mama Mayowa, the neighbourhood hairdresser.
Q: Mention five of your favorite hairstyles and why?
A: Im an old soul so i’ll go way back. i like the New Yorker, Evelyn King, Anita Baker, Spiral Curls and One Million braids. I forgot to add fringe, I was a fringe girl for so long, I loved it like I loved rice.
Q: You’re losing us, we know Anita Baker, Spiral curls and 1million braids, but which one is Evelyn King and New Yorker
A: Loool, Evelyn King was named after the famous singer, the plait brings some hair to the front and a middle bun and back.
Q: Oh we love that one, so its called Evelyn King, thanks for the lesson
A: You’re welcome, I love showing off my hair wisdom...hahahah..*winks*
Q: What are your biggest hair secrets?
A: Hmmmm, I have washed my hair with cold beer, dusting powder, toothpaste and pumpkin leaves (ugu)..Loool
Q: What??? Looool. for what?
A: weell I had changed schools from a private to FGGC Akure and they had strict rules about permed hair. I didn’t want to chop off my hair so a classmate suggested I wash it with beer to change it to natural hair. Silly me.
Q: When did you start rocking your bounty afro?
A. I started in 2004 on and off and stuck with the look in 2013. I just vary it in curls, colour and parts on.
Q: Would you use hairstyle as a standard to date a guy?
A: Errrr....Even though i’m open minded, I certainly do not want a man with a green tree carved in the middle of his head
Q: Based on thier hairstyles, which of these hairstyles would you kiss, marry or pass: Desmond Elliot, Terry G, Denrele Edun.
A: I’ll probably marry Desmond Elliot, Kiss Denrele and pass on Terry G only because I like a man with a clean look, I have to run my hands through the hair now, I don’t mind dreads but not a mobstick. Lool...just saying
Q: Finally, stranded on an island which hair product would you never do without?
A: My Hawaiian silky fourteen is one miracle worker. I need it like internet connection. Every kinky woman needs a coil detangler
Q: Final words to your fans?
A: lets see, your hair communicates something about you, always use it to express how you want to be identified and oh, its okay to let your natural hair breath from time to time. I admire all the naturalists, they are the real queens



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