Q: We know you are not just Linda Ikeji’s sister. Let the people know more
A: Laura is a lover of everything nice. Happy girl, always positive. In terms of work, I’m a PR person and I own my own PR company
Q: What does hair mean to you
A: A neatly dressed hair compliments everything. Clothes, shoes, e.t.c. If your hair is nice, everyother thing is secondary
Q: We know u like luscious hair in different shades. What is your favourite hair colour though
A: The blonde. I loveeeeee it. Soothes like skin and helps my plenty pics. Lol.
Q: Everyone has suffered some hair tragedy at one point. Whats ur own story?
A: Hair tragedy was cutting my hair. Hated it
Q: We know you are coming up with your own tv show. What is that all about
A: My Tv reality show is about my private life, the life I don’t put out there on social media. I want people to know the real me.
Q: What hairstyle would you never be caught wearing?
A: I will never be caught wearing a blue hair, low cut or dread locks. Nah, not my style.
Q: Name 5 hairstyles you rocked growing up
A: Low cut, low cut, low cut, low cut, braids. Hehehehe
Q: Do you have a hair icon? Who and why?
A: Hair icon is Azeezat(queen of love). She is daring. Takes risks, one day, just some day I’ll take some risks.
Q: Can hair be a standard for your dating a guy?
A: Hmmmmm.. Maybe. I like it neat. No braids, no dreadlocks
Q: Stranded on an island, what hair accesory would u never do without?
A: My hair brush
Q: What is the first thing on your mind when heading to the salon
A: Dance video. Hehehe. Lol. Urrrmmm washing my hair. Haa nice
Q: Whats your biggest hair secret
A: No hair gel, no heating. Your hair would last for at least 6 years.
Thanks guys. Thanks twitter, was nice hanging with yall. Now back to IG. Peace.