Q: Lets meet you? Who is Marian Kekurah
A: Hello, Marian Kekurah is a model, actress, born in Sierra Leone, raised up in England 

Q: Can you give us the names of some movies you have featured in?
A: Have done quite a lot of Nollywood movies, one of my latest movie is called ‘Fashion police 1 & 2’ now showing on iroko Tv. ‘When royalty counts’ is premiering at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich London this friday

Q: Take us down memory lane. What hairstyles did you rock as a kid?
A: As a kid, I rocked corn rows wool or single plaits

Q: For those who do not know ‘Corn rows’ can you give a brief description of the hairstyle
A: This is when you plait and braid the hair in narrow strips

Q: Can you remember some of the hairstyles in vogue then?
A: Not so much, but I can vividly recall that vogue always have the most glamorous outfits and hairstyles ever

Q: Tell us more about Sierra Leoneans hairstyles worn by female?
A: To be honest now our days all women wear the same kinds of hairstyles, the Brazilian weave, lace wigs etc hahaha. We don’t have any particular hairstyles at all.

Q: What of their hair texture, is it the same as Nigerians?
A: Precisely so, we are all Africans and when I say Africans we were all born with different hair textures.

Q: In your own opinion, give us a brief on British hair and hairstyles?
A: British people have European texture hair, but now our days most women wear all types of hair.

Q: As an actress how important is your hair to your profession?
A: Very important, because we are constantly in different scenes.

Q: Lets us into your hair regimen.. How regularly do you visit the salon?
A: I will say once a month to get my hair steamed or treat to keep it healthy, but I have different styles of wigs. I have different wigs that I used on a regular basis.

Q: What is the highest amount you have spent on hair?
A: Well let us just say its costly lool.

Q: What’s your natural hair like?
A: Have got good hair all thanks to my dad, I mostly rock my natural hair now.

Q: Can you tell us some of the different styles. Lol. We know u have a cute pixie?
A: I have curly, straight long weave, short lace front hair it all just depends on my mood that day.

Q: How regular do you leave it natural?
A: If am not on set shooting, I will be rocking my own hair most of the time now.
Q: When u partake in movies most times, who does your hair?
A: I normally do it myself because am very particular about my hair.

Q: Do you have any of them coloured?
A: No not at all, I do more of black and brown not into bright hair so much.

Q: If you could trade your hair for an amount, which price would you ask for
A: I will never put a price on it.

Q: Tell us the strangest thing you have had to do to protect your hair?
A: Strangest? Can’t recall.

Q: Stranded on an island, which hair product can you not do without?
A: The brand is called Designer touch or Motions, that’s all I use at the moment.

Q: According to their hairstyles, which of these men would you kiss, date, marry and pass. Terry G, Sir Uti, Banky W, Daddy Showkey?
A: Well, I would avoid Daddy Showkey, kiss Terry G, date Banky W, and marry Sir Uti.

Q: Before we let you go, what does hair mean to you?
A: To me, hair is so much more than just a look. It can be a reflection and re-enforcement of who you are.

Q: Finally, what would you say to all your fans out there? To us at Hair’volution magazine and to everyone who has participated today?
A: Firstly, thanks a lot Hair’volution for having me. And thanks to every one who participated, I appreciate the love.