Q: Welcome to ##hairvolutionhairforum. It’s really nice to have you *kisses*
A: My pleasure. I am honored to be here

Q: Who is Lamii Opere?
A: Lamii is a girl *lol* I am Lamii Opere. From Lagos State.. Everything Lagos. School, work, live..

Q: What does hair mean to you?
A: My hair is basically my mood and my personality

Q: Do you have a hair role model?
A: Erm… presently, NO.

Q: Who made your first hair, can you remember?
A: Wow!! That’s a tough one. I can’t remember o

Q: Give us 5 hairstyles you have rocked?
A: Short Aaliya, Bohemian Curls, Front Fringe, Ghana Weaving (once in a while) and Braids (once or twice a year)

Q: Which do you make more regularly?
A: The 6th unmentioned hair.. lol – long Aaliya a.k.a Side Fringe

Q: How do you manage when you are in the midst of a project and don’t have time to visit the salon?
A: Now this is a very easy one.. WIG! WIG!! WIG!!!

Q: How regularly do you visit the salon?
A: (Once in 2 weeks) Twice in a month

Q: We know you like colours, tell us which hair colours you have rocked, and which you are still fantasizing about?
A: I have rocked brownish blond and wine. Not sure I would try anything more. Fingers crossed though. Basically anything that would make me look weird e.g GREEEEEEEEN

Q: What defines a Lagos hair?
A: In my opinion
 1. is the ‘flamboyancy’ 
2. The beauty on the carrier

Q: Stranded on an island, tell us one hair product you cannot do without?
A: Haa! Kasala… that would be hair shampoo

Q: Thank you so much for being our guest today?

A: Thanks for having me. God bless.