Here is #hairAccording2 Waje, enjoy...
 few days ago, precisely 1st September was Waje Iruobe's birthday, and Hairvolution Magazine decided to do a feature on the singer and fantastic live performer tagged #hairAccording2 Waje. In all honesty, before I Wish Waje's hair lifestyle was juat like any other Lagos Island Big Girl: she was a fan of long wavy human hair.
But by the end of her last heartbreak; the making of the chartbusting I Wish; and finally fully finding the love of God, she found herself. 
We're not sure which came first, her physical exercises, or her cutting her hair. 
We just loved it. 
The rest, they say is history. 
What we can say about Waje's present hair lifestyle is that she seems to have acquired a couple of delicious platinum coloured wigs: straight, long kinky curls; plus she usually has these loooong luscious braids, OH! 
And then when she sometimes wraps the braids up in an 'osuka' mohawk that adds needless inches to her already voluptuously tall frame. Uhhh. We're... we cant find the words