Q. Welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum
A. Thank you…

Q. How did u transition from being a writer to being an event organizer.
A. It came naturally to me cos I've always been an event planner right from my younger years.

Q. ehn ehn, tell us more about that..
A. I used to plan small birthday parties to school activities especially the "Lit Day" of those days

Q. What inspired the Diamond special Recognition Awards.
A. I've always wanted to celebrate unsung achievers and bring them to d front row. That is basically d inspiration.

Q .how has the journey for DSRA been since 2011
A. It's bn a journey. Nt easy for a woman to walk that journey singlehandedly but God has brought helpers our way.

Q. Now to d business of d day, what does hair mean to u?
A. It means 'crown'. It means 'look at me I'm wearing a shining crown". It speaks volumes even when I'm silent.

Q. tell us about ur early hair journey, who made ur first hair?
A. Chaii make I think Lol...U mean my first hair as a growing or grown woman?

Q. lol. As a kid..
A. For my growing years; my grandma made my 1st hair. My grown years...I can't readily remember.

Q. Name 5 #hairstyles u rocked as a kid.
A, Puff Puff, Eko Bridge, Kolese, Patewo, Face to

Q. lol. Which one is Eko Bridge?
A. Eko bridge is done with thread , and intricately built like a bridge.

Q. Then as a teenager, what #hairstyles did u rock?
A.sade Adu corn row, Braids ( We used to call that Bob Marley in those days. Lol

Q. When did u transition to human #hair?
A. I transitioned quite early. In those days we used them for single plaits. I must have been 21.

Q. which are your favourite human hair?
A. I love the Peruvian of nowadays. They bounce well and are more silky and manageable.

Q. What are d things running thru ur mind when planning to go to d salon?
A. I actually pray that I don't have a long wait; especially when I didnt book an appointment
Q. Lol.. really? U usually dont book appointments. We assume its all about appointments in d Uk.
Q. What determines what #hairstyles?
A. Where I live; season determines. I have hair style for winter and summer.

Q. which ones for winter and which for summer?
A. cropped hair for core summer and long weaves/braids for winter.

Q. What are d advantages of these choices, cropped 4 summer, & long 4 winter?
A. Cropped: u don't feel the Summer heat too much. Long: it keeps ur head warm in d chilly winter season.

 Q. pls answer these hair trivia… Long or Short?
A> Both

Q. curls or straight?
A. Curls for me.

Q. Natural or weaves?
A. Weaves…Natural occasionally.

Q. Colours or Not?
A. Colours definitely! Even if it's only to highlight.

Q. Pick any 2 from d following.. red, blue, purple, Gold & green?
A. Red and Gold.

Q. how long is your natural hair?
A. I'm forever growing it cos I'm too adventurous with it. I've cut it crazily in the past.

Q. Have u ever suffered #hair mishap? Tell us about it..
A. My wig once fell off my head on a windy day. Lol. And I ran after it,

Q. Lol. Did u catch it?
A. Of course! Who wants to part with 7 bunches of Peruvian hair on a wig?

Q. In d spirit of patriotism, could u ever wear green hair?
A. Haaa! I'm not that adventurous oo. But if it's to say I'm a true Nigerian; I've got no choice.

Q. What is that thing that no one knows about ur #hair?
A. I started having grey hair early in life. Now I'm tired of dyeing them.

Q. whats d highest uve ever spent on ur hair?
A. i hope my mum isn't reading this. I've spent over £1,000 on hair: Brazilian; Peruvian, Mongolian etc

Q. Which kind of male hairstyle would ur mama 'kill' u for if u 'brought' it home? Lol.
A. My mum wouldn't kill me for any oo. Even if I do gorimapa. She is understanding as regards that.

Q. Which #hairstyles would u never be caught wearing?
A. Azeezat's hairstyles. Lol. I'm not that bold. I give it to her. She's one hell of a hair Diva! Kudos!

Q. Stranded on an island, whats that hair product u can never do without?
A. John Frieda serum. To make my hair lush, moisturised and keep it from the dryness of the Island.

Q. Finally, Who makes ur hair?
A. My Jamaican hairdressers Nikki and Sherreen

A. We are having our 5th anniversary edition in Dubai come October the 30th.

HV. Thank u so much for honouring us on #hairvolutionhairforum 2day. We wish u d very best in all ur endeavour.
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 Thanks so much! I've enjoyed the chat. Let's do this again sometime soon! Xx



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