This is one of the high points of #hairvolutionhairforum so far; interviewing a Guinness world records holder, thats like hitting jackpot. But we're cool like that. Lol.

Asha Mandela is the world record holder for the longest dreadlocks. Why should we waste your time with long intros when you can hear it all, straight from the horse's mouth?

By the way, We want to make sure we've all the right loc questions, so we brought in Publisher of Locitude Magazine, Locitian& friend of Hairvolution Magazine Ade Balogun, otherwise known as @Locitude..

 Locitude..  It's really a pleasure to be a part of special tweetmeet.

 Hv.. @AshaMandela is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who migrated 2 th USA 30yrs ago, started the journey to the Guinness book of World Records 29yrs ago.

We're live, #hairvolutionhairforum with @ashamandela

Lets welcome @AshaMandela  to #hairvolutionhairforum.


Asha.. Thank you for having me..its a pleasure..

Hv..  It is such a honor. Thank you for your grace

Asha.. I am so honoured.

Hv.. Ma, we also have with us Publisher, Locitian and event promoter @Locitude, to help make this memorable

Locitude... @Hairvolutionmag thanks for the opportunity @AshaMandela, it's a pleasure to e-meet you.

Hv.. Let's meet you extra, who is @AshaMandela, what is it about you that makes you special?

Asha.. I am Asha Mandela the Guinness World Record Holder of the worlds longest dreadlocks measuring 57ft plus

Hv..  What informs your name, Asha & Mandela

Asha.. Its a name given to me by my father.

Hv..  Let's start from d beginning, did you ever wear weaves?
Asha.. LOL..I was the queen of weaves and braids as a teenager till I started my loxcious spiritual journey 29yrs ago.

Hv.. can you remember your first hair ever, what was it, and who made it?
Asha.. you mean my first weave ? it was done by my neighbor in Trinidad, LOL then I started doing it myself.

Hv.. we mean your first hair as a kid.
Asha.. My mom always took pride in combing and styling my hair as a child using the good ole vaseling back in those days LOL

Hv.. Yes o. God bless her

Hv.. lets ask d question on everyone's mind, what did u do to gain 57ft in hair when some of us cant do 10ft?
Asha.. I never liked locks but in the mid 80ties I started having spiritual visions about being the chosen one to grow locks.

Hv.. We just cant help this..

Asha.. My baby is BEAUTIFUL.. isn't she... :) all home grown ..all mines and all natural.

Hv.. Unbelievable!!!

Asha.. Besides changing my diet, I did nothing but follow the  path that was laid before me and the hair took on a life of its own.

Hv..  When did u win the world record, and what was d procedure? #hairvolutionhairforum

Asha.. I first got the record in 2008 then re-certified in 2009 and then for Ripleys believe it or not in 2012

 The process takes about 3months since GWR is very strict then I got certified. The category is now closed.

Hv.. how heavy is ur hair now, & how do u cope with d weight? 

Asha.. my baby weighs about 40lbs and I cope with it by carrying it on my back like Afrikan women carry their babies.

Hv.. What kind of diet is required to maintain long hair?

Asha.. am not sure what type of diet is required to grow long hair but what I would say is healthy diet helps, with LOTS of water

Though every one's genetics is different..I say hair supplements and overall great hair hygiene makes for healthy  hair.

Locitude.. How often do you wash your locs

Asha.. I wash my locks every husband does a great job of washing it for me.

Locitude.. wow, why do you wash that often and how long does it take to dry?

Asha.. I like to make sure my hair and scalp is free of dirt and build up ..also its my bonding time with my baby.

Locitude.. How long does it take to wash 57ft of locs & what method do u use to tighten ur roots?

Hv.. Lol. Romantic! We actually watched a video of you Washing it..

Asha.. I was out of breath in all the wash

Locitude.. I'm so going to watch one of your wash videos tonight

Hv.. U are Hindu..Pls does Hinduism have tolerance for growing locs?

Asha.. Yes the Sadhus of India grow Long locks.

Hv.. does ur heritage have anything to do with ur great achievement with ur hair?

Asha.. Though I am from a mixed race family. I don't think it has anything to do with it since I am the only one with such growth.

Hv.. Can you tell us about your line of products?

Asha.. its called ZULU Earth Solutions I formulated it while going tru chemo 12yrs ago

Hv.. when u started did you ever think you would get here?
Asha.. I never thought it would grow this long or even become a GWR

holder... I too am amazed.
Hv..  we know it cant be easy on a day2day bases, to live with ur special hair. Let us into some of ur challenges

Asha.. My only challenge is have to wrap it up twice daily to shower or it get stuck in the car door.

Hv.. Ure married 2 a Kenyan. Africans have
strong family ties, how does your in-laws react to your hair?

Asha.. My inlaws absolutely love mother in law is even growing locks now..LOL & my husband is a loxticion from Nairobi.

Hv.. what #hairtips can u share with our audience?

Asha.. growing locks takes dedication & yourself & your natural locks & it will love you back.

Hv... we know your son is also a lochead, do u think he might follow ur footsteps?

Asha.. My son Zion absolutely loves his locks but he already says he don't want his long LOL.

Hv..  you are well travelled, what is it that u wish, that u haven't done?

Asha.. I have been all over the world except Nigeria,,, I wish to do that..then I can be done..LOL yes visit NIGERIA..

Hv. We'll make that happen by God's grace. 

Finally, stranded on an island, what hair products would u never do without?

Asha.. If am ever stranded on an Island... I could't cope without my peppermint shampoo and growth oil..LOL.

Hv.. last word for your fans.

Asha.. Don't be afraid of your color or your culture..don't be afraid to go natural or grow locks..DO U and  LOVE U.

Hv.. thank u so much for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today. Cant wait to have you in Nigeria.

 we know you're so busy, so we have to let you go. Thanks once again

Asha.. I wish we had more time..  It was a pleasure and an honor being on your forum today..I enjoyed this..we must do this again LOL..

Hv.. Lol. As they say in Nigeria, yes ooo!!

Asha.. I look forward to that....

Hv.. And what would we have done without @Locitude who added depth and angles to 2day's #hairvolutionhairforum. Thank u @Locitude u know we love u.



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