TOP 5 POSTS OF THE WEEK.. on instagram

At number one is this simple packing, posted by @ninarodriguesoficial. We dont even know how to call it. But it is so simple that it being number one is quite amazing. Natural hair & curly. It is divided into 3 parts, with the top part being the largest chunk. This top plaited into a big cornrow to the back, where it simply joins its other two counterpart, which have been slicked flat to the back.
We cannot see the ends, but we're sure they're neatly joined together in holy matrimony. Why people love it so much beats us, but we know it got the most likes last week.
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There are other posts that also got good likes. They are also included here.
Credit: @remtachair, @mynaturalhairisdope, @luvyourmane, @etwistedme, @naturalchixs, @beau_donna.