Hv.. Let us welcome the Multi Award winning OAP, Stand-up comedienne and Event Consultant @officiallolo1
Lolo1.. it's a pleasure to be here and share my experience in the hair waka

Hv.. Hair waka! You see. Trust you to crack us up
Lolo1.. that's how I roll, life is beautiful and every woman must carry head or hair wey make sense.

Hv.. we can't say 'lets meet you'. We know you, but what extras do you think we need to know about you.
Lolo1.. am sure you all know who I am and what I do. am a fun loving mum, OAP, comedienne, singer, actor, dancer......... Need I say more?

Hv.. Ehn ehn, dancer! We didn't know that one o. Jack of all trade. Which is your fave talent?
Lolo1.. life is like music to me as long as it moves me, I love it. Art as various forms and am allowed to like all.

Hv.. what does hair mean to you?
Lolo1.. hair is a woman's crown. it defines you in a way

Hv.. How? Can you please expantiate?
Lolo1.. when people see a woman, your hair is one of the things they notice and if your hair is nice it can make or Mar you
@Industrypolice.. @Lepatitidotcom @Hairvolutionmag @Officiallolo1 pls we love the Afro

Hv.. didn't we say so? Lol
  Let's go way back. As a kid, Who made your first hair, and what was it?
Lolo1.. I have curly and soft hair like fulani hair so it was very slippery to weave so I carried short most of my childhood

Hv.. Curly! Does it have anything to do with your heritage, by any chance. If so, explain
Lolo1.. I think it's my dad's hair type cos my mom has very thick full hair

Hv.. name 5 #hairstyles you rocked as a teenager.
Lolo1.. when I started to make hair it was usually threading with owu cos it will keep for a week. my scalp was very tender so you will see the strain on my scalp

Hv.. Eh! Did you rebel against it, and all d people that took you through that kind of torture? Lol
Lolo1..I loved being dolled up so I was a barbie. I would cry but I still wanted my hair done.

Hv.. What was your first memorable hairstyle
Lolo1..  so my mum made my hair during holidays, only low cut school time, and braids  and *kiko* holidays.. .

Hv. .When did you come into your own, become hair aware?
 Lolo1.. I became hair aware in the university and I experimented as much as I could.

Hv.. Really! Name some of the #hairstyles you rocked then, and which was your fave?
Lolo1.. my favorite hair of all time is the afro it just suits me perfectly I call it my go to hair.

Hv.. We agree. It just suits you.
Lolo1.. I have done other styles too. I love Centerpart weaves, short fringe and I still love low cut.

Hv.. We’ve discovered you do
Lolo1.. the low cut has a way of taking years off my face. I followed all the trends.

Hv.. L0ll. Name them
Lolo1.. then Toni Braxton was a favorite and braids with a Fringe, Anita baker.

Hv.. Is this ur current hair situation?
Lolo1.. o yes thats my true state.

Hv.. So it means you do lots of wigs. How many wigs do you own?
Lolo1.. my wig game is mad ooooo. if am to be modest I have like 20 and still counting.Lol

Hv.. Which do u like most
Lolo1.. they are all favourites, it depends on my mood. I have a stylist who makes costume wigs for me he's called @lifeehair.
my favorite this week is my wine afro.

 Hv.. are you a big fan of human/virgin hair? If so, which is your fave & why?
Lolo1.. I love virgin hair because that's who we are as Africans, sooo we must embrace our true heritage.

Hv.. Whose idea was this?
Lolo1.. my stylist in the office. I have tried to rock the Mohawk. sooo I just decided to rock these look.
I just love to try new things, soooo I experimented and I loved it. shout out @jasminebeautyworld.

Hv.. So thats who makes your hair..
Let's talk about your hair lifestyle now. How easy is it to maintain good hair, having to juggle all your duties; both professional & personal?
Lolo1.. just like you take time to eat, you must make time for your hair.
I wash my hair daily because it's short, I use coconut oil to moisturize. I condition once a week using natural ingredients

Hv.. Do you have any hair fetishes. Like.. certain ppl cant touch your hair.
Lolo1.. nope, at all but I hate if you touch my wig curled on its stand, I hate it.

Hv.. what products do you use to maintain your hair
Lolo1.. I use natural products like honey, coconut oil, eggs. In short, anything I eat I put in my hair.

Hv.. Lmao. Oh yeah.
Pls answer these trivia..long or short
Lolo1… long is my game.

Hv… straight or curls
Lolo1.. I'll choose curls even in my sleep.

Hv..natural or weaves/hair extensions?
Lolo1.. natural weaves.

Hv.. synthetic or human hair?
Lolo1.. human hair.

Hv.. do you remember jerry curls of those days? Did you ever rock it?
Lolo1.. jerry curls was hair I have never rocked before because it's close to my hair texture soooo not a fan.
it's like old mama hair*runsaway*

hv.. lol

Hv.. what are your hair predictions for the nearest future
Lolo1.. the past always catches up nothing is new under the sun I think.

Hv.. is there any particular #hairstyles you're feeling right now?
lolo1.. am loving the colors women are rocking now, all the neon colors: grey, wine, blue, red, white.

Hv.. Which is your favourite male hairstyle?
Lolo1.. I love men with plenty hair dreads, works for me, or hair well carved but he must belong to the beard gang.

Hv.. which colour would you never be caught rocking?
Lolo1.. am not a fan of dirty brown.

Hv.. On a final note, stranded on an island, which hair product would you never want to do without.
Lolo1.. coconut oil
thank you so much for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum 2day. What's next for @officiallolo1.

LOLO1..  thank you. next is my Comedy show #ogamadamliveonstage, November 1st at Muson Center.
Hv.. Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours
Lolo1.. I had am amazing time, thank you



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