Hv.. @Nikkilaoye welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum
Nikki.. Hi there, Thank you for having me on #hairvolutionhairforum today.
Lol. okay. Let's go!!

Hv..  we can't tell you to introduce yourself,  so let's do that for you,  then you can tell us what we missed out..
 NikkiLaoye is a multi award winning singer,  songwriter, dancer, choreographer,  and humanitarian.
An indigene of #osunstate, with a partly European, Ghanaian & Nigerian dad, married to a deltan, living in lagos. Lol
Nikki.. Lol...Dad is all of the above and a Deltan as well.. Married to a Yoruba
Hv.. Oturu sounded Deltan,  but all join.  Lol.
Nikki..Ooops!  thought you were talking about who my Dad married, Lol!  My hubby is Ibo.

Hv.. so what did we leave out?
Nikki.. Nikki has three brothers, is still a tomboy..Lol. and she Loves video games. HV.. what does hair mean to you?
NIKKI.. To me, Hair is a crown, a covering, a beautiful accessory for all women

Hv.. how long is your natural hair?
Nikki.. My natural hair is about 14 inches long, straight when wet but curly when dry.

Hv.. fourteen_gini?
Nikki.. Lol yes o... it breaks alot under Naija weather so i keep it hidden often.

Hv.. how thick,  or full in naija parlance?
Nikki.. It's light...not as full as when I had the big afro as a child.

Hv.. what's the relationship between your hair and your heritage?
Nikki.. Got mixed hair type- all thanks to my Dad's mixed genes Dutch/Ghanaian/Nigerian.

Hv.. can you remember your very first hair, who made it?
Nikki.. My Mum. she always made my hair while growing up.
A FOLLOWER @yangkayz.. which of your song was difficult for you while
Nikki.. #OnlyYou aka Daddy's Song. an emotional time for me in the studio.

Hv..you said earlier that you keep your hair hidden because of naija whether, how do you keep your hair hidden? Like with wigs and extensions?
Nikki.. Yes, a lot of weaves but last year, i spent 3/4 of the year on wigs. Lol

Hv.. really! Let us into your wig world..
Nikki.. Lol. I go crazy with my wigs. It's like showing off a new personality. So i can decide to do a bob cut today, long fringe tomorrow, or a wavy set next.

Hv.. tell us more, do you have names for your wigs like @Officiallolo1?
Nikki.. Lol. named them after personalities they remind me of - The Nicki, The Anita.

Hv .. can you remember 5 hairstyles you rocked as a kid,  in primary school? 
Nikki.. Lol. All the hairstyles - Shuku, Patewo, All Back, Front parting, Thread.

Hv.. also mention 5 hairstyles you rocked as a teenager?
Nikki.. Hmm, Braids, weaving hairstyles, Had to cut my hair at a point.

Hv.. eh ya! Why?
Nikki.. the hair was breaking badly, had to cut it to get rid of the split ends.

Hv.. which was your favorite hairstyle in your teens?
Nikki.. My Fav - Front weaves with hair falling over my forehead, I looked good in it.
Nikki.. A sneak peek of My hair in its glory.

Hv.. this is your natural hair? Unbelievable!
 Nikki.. Yes o that is my lovely hair...just removed a weave that day.

Hv.. what's your natural hair care routine like?
Nikki.. I love to wash and steam my hair by myself before going to the salon for a weave.

Hv.. let us into d procedure,  and who taught u?
Nikki.. I read hair blogs online & I try them out as long as they have no side effects.
 Steaming my hair with Hair Mayonnaise mixed with eggs works magic for me.
When i say steam,i mean chilling with a hair-filled shower cap for 30mins Lol

Hv.. how regularly do you visit the salon?
Nikki.. I visit the salon as often as needed. i re-do my weaves every 2-3 wks
Nikki.. My hair after a good wash and steam by me at home.

Hv.. O_M_G! And we don't say this lightly..
Nikki.. Lol. Thank you #GrinningSheepishly.

Hv.. on a scale of one to ten,  how much of a hair person are you?
Nikki.. 10. Lol. i love hair ooo. am very touchy about it too. gotta look good always.

Hv.. any hair fetishes?
Nikki.. It depends..my taste changes easily..now am crazy about long straight weaves.

Hv.. most ppl have suffered hair mishaps at one point or the other, what's your own story?
Nikki.. Once at the salon, the stylist cut off huge chunks in the name of trimming.
I almost scattered the salon that day when i saw my hair on the floor.
Now i watch them like a Hawk whenever i get a trim, after relaxing my hair. LOL

Hv.. presently who makes ur hair?
Nikki.. Presently i love making my hair at my friend's @adelineadebayo salon
@adelineadebayo is a hair expert  & she got an amazing salon @adelinebeauty.
Cos with the kind of oyinbo hair that i have, i am choosy of the salon i use.

Hv.. answer these trivia.. Long or short: straight or curls; natural or extention; colours or not?
Nikki.. Long ... Straight..... Extension.... Colors

Hv.. are u a fan of human hair extensions?

Nikki.. I love extensions, they create diversity and help provide style options
Nikki.. It's a hair affair.. Lol, my mum, my niece & I. My mum has cut hers though.

Hv.. when you were single, did hair have anything to do with the kind of man you were attracted to?
Nikki.. Sometimes. At a point, i didnt like guys with beards #ScratchyCheeks LOL!
But now, i think beards are cute and sexy... #NikkiHasGrown hehe!!

Hv.. which brings us to this cheeky question,  how much does your hubby like your hair? In short, his preference?
Nikki.. He loves Long hair so he got it real good with me. Lol

Hv.. what is that thing you can never do to your hair?
Nikki.. i can try anything as long as it wont break my hair oo. Am quite adventurous.

Hv.. what's the greatest hair tip you can share with your fans?
Nikki.. Steam, steam, steam your hair..feed it with nutrients. Take multivitamins too.

Hv.. finally,  stranded on an island,  whats that one hair product you would rather not do without?
Nikki.. Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonnaise. My Wonder.

Hv.. thank you #nikki 4 being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today.  We had massive fun. & pls tell your followers to follow us.
Nikki.. Thank you @Hairvolutionmag. It's been fun chatting with you
My Dear twitter fam,pls ff asap



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