Friday, 31 July 2015


It was a case of 'another Saturday, another successful engagement activity', as Soulmate Industries lit up Mirage Beauty Place, a popular salon in the Anthony suburb of Lagos. With Soulmate staff on hand, Soulmate products on display, and very satisfied customers; it was another successful engagement with fans and customers. This initiative is part of the company's strong corporate social responsibility drive and serves as another engagement platform to connect with the people.
The premise was simple: 'buy the Soulmate Relaxer or the Soulmate Haircare Kit', and get your hair done for free'; and with the flagship Relaxer and Haircare Kit on display, and Soulmate staff on hand, the benefits of the promo were available for all to enjoy.
Throughout the day, Soulmate upped the ante, and introduced unprecedented levels of activity, as fans, and loyal as well as newly introduced customers trooped in to enjoy the benefits of the 'Free Hairdo' campaign.
This activity marked another stop in the popular customer appreciation exercise that has already covered major areas across Lagos; including Ogba, Maryland, Akoka, Iyana-Ipaja and Bariga; with many more areas to come. As part of the ongoing drive, the leading hair-care and skincare manufacturing company reiterates its desire to connect with salons and the end-users through this initiative aimed at direct engagement with its esteemed customers.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Q: Lets meet you? Who is Marian Kekurah
A: Hello, Marian Kekurah is a model, actress, born in Sierra Leone, raised up in England 

Q: Can you give us the names of some movies you have featured in?
A: Have done quite a lot of Nollywood movies, one of my latest movie is called ‘Fashion police 1 & 2’ now showing on iroko Tv. ‘When royalty counts’ is premiering at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich London this friday

Q: Take us down memory lane. What hairstyles did you rock as a kid?
A: As a kid, I rocked corn rows wool or single plaits

Q: For those who do not know ‘Corn rows’ can you give a brief description of the hairstyle
A: This is when you plait and braid the hair in narrow strips

Q: Can you remember some of the hairstyles in vogue then?
A: Not so much, but I can vividly recall that vogue always have the most glamorous outfits and hairstyles ever

Q: Tell us more about Sierra Leoneans hairstyles worn by female?
A: To be honest now our days all women wear the same kinds of hairstyles, the Brazilian weave, lace wigs etc hahaha. We don’t have any particular hairstyles at all.

Q: What of their hair texture, is it the same as Nigerians?
A: Precisely so, we are all Africans and when I say Africans we were all born with different hair textures.

Q: In your own opinion, give us a brief on British hair and hairstyles?
A: British people have European texture hair, but now our days most women wear all types of hair.

Q: As an actress how important is your hair to your profession?
A: Very important, because we are constantly in different scenes.

Q: Lets us into your hair regimen.. How regularly do you visit the salon?
A: I will say once a month to get my hair steamed or treat to keep it healthy, but I have different styles of wigs. I have different wigs that I used on a regular basis.

Q: What is the highest amount you have spent on hair?
A: Well let us just say its costly lool.

Q: What’s your natural hair like?
A: Have got good hair all thanks to my dad, I mostly rock my natural hair now.

Q: Can you tell us some of the different styles. Lol. We know u have a cute pixie?
A: I have curly, straight long weave, short lace front hair it all just depends on my mood that day.

Q: How regular do you leave it natural?
A: If am not on set shooting, I will be rocking my own hair most of the time now.
Q: When u partake in movies most times, who does your hair?
A: I normally do it myself because am very particular about my hair.

Q: Do you have any of them coloured?
A: No not at all, I do more of black and brown not into bright hair so much.

Q: If you could trade your hair for an amount, which price would you ask for
A: I will never put a price on it.

Q: Tell us the strangest thing you have had to do to protect your hair?
A: Strangest? Can’t recall.

Q: Stranded on an island, which hair product can you not do without?
A: The brand is called Designer touch or Motions, that’s all I use at the moment.

Q: According to their hairstyles, which of these men would you kiss, date, marry and pass. Terry G, Sir Uti, Banky W, Daddy Showkey?
A: Well, I would avoid Daddy Showkey, kiss Terry G, date Banky W, and marry Sir Uti.

Q: Before we let you go, what does hair mean to you?
A: To me, hair is so much more than just a look. It can be a reflection and re-enforcement of who you are.

Q: Finally, what would you say to all your fans out there? To us at Hair’volution magazine and to everyone who has participated today?
A: Firstly, thanks a lot Hair’volution for having me. And thanks to every one who participated, I appreciate the love.


Segun Hair Finessage salon was agog with activity as the Soulmate Industries hairdo tour train berthed in Akoka, Yaba to interact and engage with its loyal customers. The event was part of its popular 'Soulmate Free Hairdo' campaign; wherein loyal customers and users of Soulmate haircare products, especially the flagship Soulmate Haircare Relaxer, get to have their hair done free of charge.
From the moment the Soulmate crew rolled in till very late in the day, the venue was packed with a wide cross-section of clients and loyal customers keen to partake in the activities, engage with the Soulmate products on show, as well as discuss with the Soulmate staff.
The activity was another stop in the new campaign for free haircare activation tour for loyal customers of Soulmate Industries, in tandem with the ongoing Soulmate salon branding exercise across the metropolis. The activation tour will cut across major areas in Lagos, with the aim of spreading to other hub areas in the country and regions on the continent.
This initiative is part of the company's strong corporate social responsibility drive and serves as another engagement platform to connect with its customers.

Friday, 17 July 2015



Q: First, who is Ade Balogun?
A: Ade Balogun is many things, an Architect, blogger, founder of @locitude and a lover of life. I studied at the prestigious University of Lagos.
Q: Architect? We didn’t know that? Why did u leave it for the hair profession
A: I haven’t totally abandoned practice but it seems my hobby is giving me more fame
Q: And, what or who is Locitude
A: Locitude is a Nigerian platform for locs (dada) wearers, lovers, haters, enthusiasts and all #hairvolutionhairforum. It started out as ablog, now there is a loc studio, magazine and its fast becoming a soulful community.
Locitude has also hosted 2 loc appreciation day which is a world wide event.
Q: Yes we are getting to that. How did u gather the courage to host an international event like the Loc Appreciation Day in Nigeria
A: I thought to just try, maybe just 2 of my friends will come but as it turns Out #Godwin. #LAD is something to reckon
Q: Which came first, your locs or your locking profession
A: My locs came first. I only started styling locs last year.
Q: Before locs, name 5 different hairstyles you rocked and which was your favourite and why?
A: Braids, weaves, a perm, at some point baby curls. I loved carrying my own hair straight.
Q: That means you have long hair, how long?
A: Oh yes, my hair has never been this long my entire life. Let me find a picture.
Q: For the benefit of hair-ntrepreneurs, how much did u use to start your hair business, did u get a studio 1st or later
A: Hmmm, my studio is formally a week old, informally 6 months old. I didn’t plan on having a studio so I can’t say I was planning for it. My advise is just start. I started from where I lived and gradually moved to a weekend arrangement and now the studio has a more permanent location.
Q: It means it is true that locs is the best for our natural hair? But what of people who are scared of public perception
A: I won’t say locs are the best, I’ll say they are the truest form of African hair. if you know why you wear locs, public perception would never bother you, even on bad hair days.
Q: Lest we forget, what does hair mean to you?
A: Besides being that thing that grows on my head, my hair reflects what’s inside me.
Q: As you are a lochead, what does it reflect of whats inside u?
A: Freedom! I am a free soul, open-minded, ready to explore and appreciate life. The good things mostly.
Q: Time for price-check. What is the least and highest one can spend on locs? Bearing in mind that the location in sabo is different from the islander?
A: Lol. Anywhere from 1,500 – 12,000 depending on where you go
Q: We hear u’ve launched your locs product, please introduce them to us.
A: I’m yet to have my own range of locs products. I use, promote and sell Jamaican mango and Lime products. I also love the proudly Nigerian brand @namasteorganics. They have a lovely conditioning shampoo and a growth oil I love.
Q: We were going to ask about your passion for styling, seems to us like it could even be more than for locs. Now that we know you are an architect.
A: Lol, Yes I am sure my education in symmetry and design makes it easier for me to replicate styles. I started out styling my own hair and posting photos on IG. Friends asked me to help style theirs and now it’s a business
Q: Stranded on an island, which hair product would you never do without?
A: I guess the island would have what I need most – water. Coconut oil would be good to have when all is gone
Q: We invite you to say to the faux locheads what you said in your blog.
A: Lol, the faux loc thing was just for humour. I respect everyone’s hair decision and I am happy people appreciate locs enough to want to get a faux locs.
Q: Had you learnt how to loc hair then, how long does it take to learn?
A: 3 months of constant practice and the average person should get it
Q: You actually make locs so beautiful that we are tempted to consider rocking them.
A: That’s the spirit. All you need to do is call on us and you’ll be loc’d
Q: I saw the info about coconut oil in Locitude mag. Please expantiate. What makes coconut oil best for our hair?
A: Coconut oil has antioxidants in it. So it helps moisturize your scalps if need be
Q: Thank you so much @locitude. We love U so much, we don’t feel like letting you go. For our forum-ers who still want to ask you more, give details.
A: Awwwwww  so soon. I can be reached on IG nd FB @Locitude, blog email:
Q: Last before we go, whats next for Locitude?
A: The 2nd edition of our Loc workshop and stylist competition. It comes up in October. Last year the winner won a trip to Dubai.
Thanks so much for the opportunity. I enjoyed this. See you at the top and hope to be featured again. #hairvolutionhairforum.

Saturday, 11 July 2015



Q: We know you are not just Linda Ikeji’s sister. Let the people know more
A: Laura is a lover of everything nice. Happy girl, always positive. In terms of work, I’m a PR person and I own my own PR company
Q: What does hair mean to you
A: A neatly dressed hair compliments everything. Clothes, shoes, e.t.c. If your hair is nice, everyother thing is secondary
Q: We know u like luscious hair in different shades. What is your favourite hair colour though
A: The blonde. I loveeeeee it. Soothes like skin and helps my plenty pics. Lol.
Q: Everyone has suffered some hair tragedy at one point. Whats ur own story?
A: Hair tragedy was cutting my hair. Hated it
Q: We know you are coming up with your own tv show. What is that all about
A: My Tv reality show is about my private life, the life I don’t put out there on social media. I want people to know the real me.
Q: What hairstyle would you never be caught wearing?
A: I will never be caught wearing a blue hair, low cut or dread locks. Nah, not my style.
Q: Name 5 hairstyles you rocked growing up
A: Low cut, low cut, low cut, low cut, braids. Hehehehe
Q: Do you have a hair icon? Who and why?
A: Hair icon is Azeezat(queen of love). She is daring. Takes risks, one day, just some day I’ll take some risks.
Q: Can hair be a standard for your dating a guy?
A: Hmmmmm.. Maybe. I like it neat. No braids, no dreadlocks
Q: Stranded on an island, what hair accesory would u never do without?
A: My hair brush
Q: What is the first thing on your mind when heading to the salon
A: Dance video. Hehehe. Lol. Urrrmmm washing my hair. Haa nice
Q: Whats your biggest hair secret
A: No hair gel, no heating. Your hair would last for at least 6 years.
Thanks guys. Thanks twitter, was nice hanging with yall. Now back to IG. Peace.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015



This is our Top 9 hairstyles for this week.
Let us know which is your favourite.
If you do get inspired to make one... and you do, do remember to take a picture of it and tag us on our IG page: @hairvolutionmagazine .
We would love to get a feedback from you.

Saturday, 4 July 2015