Saturday, 26 September 2015


What exactly do you call this colour?
I can say Silvery Grey Lemon.
Any more suggestions?
Credit:Allison N. Funches

Monday, 21 September 2015


  Almost missed posting this pix. But God is just amazing. He gave it back to me this afternoon, and I just couldn't wait to share with you. What do you think? Isnt it just so cute! Hair Cocoon. #welove


As you get to know me better you'll come to realize how much of a sucker for colours I am. These days when you look around, there are coloured hairs everywhere. Especially purple in different hues and shades, and they come in different shapes and sizes too. Then there are other colours like neon green, screaming gold, vibrant blues.
Even the men are not left out, colouring their beards also. I just love it.
It's not just colours, but vibrant colours.
If you are a hair connoisseur like me, join me to enjoy these hair buffet for lunch.
In order to allow for easy comparison we also serve you these hairstyles in black alongside the coloured ones.
By the way, anyone with information about how to get a bloody red voluminous afro?
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Sunday, 20 September 2015


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Can we say we don't know why kids' pictures get the most likes on our social media platforms? No we can't, cos we know why. Kids are just so cute.


We are tempted to call these hair Haute Couture, but our dictionary will not allow. Lol. Anyways, enjoy and be inspired.


In all honesty, the #Whitneyhouston lookalike should have been a stand alone. Just because we lurrrv Whitney. But the other curls are also hair-inspiring..



This week has been quite interesting on instagram, and we'll be sharing some of the our favourite posts with y'all.

Friday, 18 September 2015


This is one of the high points of #hairvolutionhairforum so far; interviewing a Guinness world records holder, thats like hitting jackpot. But we're cool like that. Lol.

Asha Mandela is the world record holder for the longest dreadlocks. Why should we waste your time with long intros when you can hear it all, straight from the horse's mouth?

By the way, We want to make sure we've all the right loc questions, so we brought in Publisher of Locitude Magazine, Locitian& friend of Hairvolution Magazine Ade Balogun, otherwise known as @Locitude..

 Locitude..  It's really a pleasure to be a part of special tweetmeet.

 Hv.. @AshaMandela is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who migrated 2 th USA 30yrs ago, started the journey to the Guinness book of World Records 29yrs ago.

We're live, #hairvolutionhairforum with @ashamandela

Lets welcome @AshaMandela  to #hairvolutionhairforum.

Monday, 14 September 2015

TOP 5 POSTS OF THE WEEK.. on instagram

At number one is this simple packing, posted by @ninarodriguesoficial. We dont even know how to call it. But it is so simple that it being number one is quite amazing. Natural hair & curly. It is divided into 3 parts, with the top part being the largest chunk. This top plaited into a big cornrow to the back, where it simply joins its other two counterpart, which have been slicked flat to the back.
We cannot see the ends, but we're sure they're neatly joined together in holy matrimony. Why people love it so much beats us, but we know it got the most likes last week.
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There are other posts that also got good likes. They are also included here.
Credit: @remtachair, @mynaturalhairisdope, @luvyourmane, @etwistedme, @naturalchixs, @beau_donna.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Guess who's got a new hairstyle? North West. The daughter of showbiz power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was spotted at the on-going New York Fashion week rocking twin side bunches. The famous toddler formerly used to have her hair slicked to the back with her mom's hair products.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Kylie Jenner has been a lot of items lately. Lol. But one look at this her out and about picture, we know that people will be talking about this hair for a long time to come

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Hv.. welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum
Tseju.. Thanks. Feels good to be here.

Hv.. What does hair mean to u
Tseju. Hair means beauty. Hair completes me. Hair for me stands one woman out from the other.

Hv. How regularly do you visit the salon
Tseju.. Once a month cos I can actually do somethings on my own.

Hv.. Oh! Some things like..
Tseju.. I can curl my hair by myself.

Hv.. Ok. You can curl your natural hair or your weaves, or both. And how do you do that?
Tseju.. My weaves. I just sit in front of the mirror.

Hv.. How long is your natural hair?
Tseju. 4 inches.

Hv.. Haaaaa. Is that true, and does that inform ur decision to stick with weaves?
Tseju.. Yaaaa. My hair is not full, its a bit scanty.

Hv.. Dont worry, same here. Lmao. Why did u start the hair business?
Tseju.. 1. Love hair. 2. Was difficult for me to get good hair around, had to always travel far to get good hair.

Hv.. What range of products do u sell?
Tseju.. We do all range of hair, braids, synthetic, fibre, virgin hair.

Hv.. Answer these trivia...
Natural hair or weaves?
Tseju.. Weaves

Hv.. Long or short?
@raychmadaki (follower).. short
Tseju.. Short. Do long to make hubby happy.

Hv.. Really. Lol. Ok. Curls or straight hair?
Tseju.. Curls.

Hv.. Explain the difference between human hair and synthetic?
Tseju.. Human hair is in two calsses. One is the low quality in packs like Chocolate, Supreme, Blackpearl etc.
And the other is the raw virgin hair. It could be Brazilian, Peruvian, Cambodian..
Synthetic are not hair, like Expression, Amigo products, most times cant be re used, washed, dried, curled.

Hv.. Pls expantiate, chocolate, Supreme, blackpearl?
And then Cambodian, this is the first time im hearing of Cambodian hair.
Tseju.. Chocolate, Supreme and blackpearl are brand names. They are in packs.
While Cambodian are real donor hair. Real hair from human.
Yes there is Cambodian.

Hv.. Ok. What you're saying is that donor hair does not come in packs.
Tseju.. Yaa. Most people now brand human hair(raw virgin hair) in nice packs now. Packaging.

Hv.. Abi na. Lol. Is there any difference between human hair and virgin hair?
Tseju.. no. Means same.

Hv.. Ehn ehn. Noted. Lol. When deciding what hair to buy, what are the things our audience should consider.
Tseju.. Occasion, weather, what suits you, etc

Hv.. Pls Explain. How does weather affect the kind of hair you want to buy?
Tseju.. when its hot(sunny), dont think its the best time to fix 40 inches hair.

Hv.. Lolzzz. Is there really 40 inches?
Tseju.. Yes there is 40inches.

Hv.. How does one maintain human hair
Tseju.. I advise you give to professionals because even if you know what to do you might not be using the right products.

Hv.. Ok. But when you wake up in the morning, what do you do to your human hair in order to 'get up &go'.
Tseju.. I just wake up and apply leave in conditioner/serum, depending on which I think its necessary that morning.

Hv.. Whats the role of each, leave in conditioner or serum?
Tseju.. Leave in conditioner helps with ur
curls while serum gives shine. Leav in conditioner detangles. Both serum/leave in conditioner softens the hair making combing easy.

Hv.. Ohh I get. I use leave in conditioner, but I still notice a lack of shine. Soo, that means one has to get both.
Tseju.. Yes.

Hv.. Tell us more about your hair business, how has it been, what has been the challenges, and how have u been able to overcome.
Tseju.. Tseju hair is situated in Festac, determined to give customers value for their money. And oh yes its been good..we give God the glory.
Challenges! Some trips to get virgin hair are not funny at all, and the rise in foreign currencies is another.
But in all, we keep pressing on, what has to be done, has to be done.

Hv.. True or false, there is a rise in the demand for virgin hair in Nigeria.
Tseju.. True.

Hv.. Uhnnnmmm, that means business is good..
Tseju.. Yes Good.

Hv.. Loll. Thank God. What advise would you give someone thinking of starting hair business?
Tseju.. Get a mentor and start.

Hv.. What are your price range?
Tseju.. Depending on what you're buying. From 450,000 to 300,000. Remember we do all range of hair.

Hv.. Finally, what words do you have for your customers?
Tseju.. Tseju hair will keep doing all we can to give you that fab hair at very good rate. And Thank you for choosing tseju hair

Hv.. Thank you for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today. We do hope you'll answer us every time we call
Tseju.. Yes I will. Thank you for having me.

Monday, 7 September 2015


Here is #hairAccording2 Waje, enjoy...
 few days ago, precisely 1st September was Waje Iruobe's birthday, and Hairvolution Magazine decided to do a feature on the singer and fantastic live performer tagged #hairAccording2 Waje. In all honesty, before I Wish Waje's hair lifestyle was juat like any other Lagos Island Big Girl: she was a fan of long wavy human hair.
But by the end of her last heartbreak; the making of the chartbusting I Wish; and finally fully finding the love of God, she found herself. 
We're not sure which came first, her physical exercises, or her cutting her hair. 
We just loved it. 
The rest, they say is history. 
What we can say about Waje's present hair lifestyle is that she seems to have acquired a couple of delicious platinum coloured wigs: straight, long kinky curls; plus she usually has these loooong luscious braids, OH! 
And then when she sometimes wraps the braids up in an 'osuka' mohawk that adds needless inches to her already voluptuously tall frame. Uhhh. We're... we cant find the words 

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Q. Welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum
A. Thank you…

Q. How did u transition from being a writer to being an event organizer.
A. It came naturally to me cos I've always been an event planner right from my younger years.

Q. ehn ehn, tell us more about that..
A. I used to plan small birthday parties to school activities especially the "Lit Day" of those days

Q. What inspired the Diamond special Recognition Awards.
A. I've always wanted to celebrate unsung achievers and bring them to d front row. That is basically d inspiration.

Q .how has the journey for DSRA been since 2011
A. It's bn a journey. Nt easy for a woman to walk that journey singlehandedly but God has brought helpers our way.

Q. Now to d business of d day, what does hair mean to u?
A. It means 'crown'. It means 'look at me I'm wearing a shining crown". It speaks volumes even when I'm silent.

Q. tell us about ur early hair journey, who made ur first hair?
A. Chaii make I think Lol...U mean my first hair as a growing or grown woman?

Q. lol. As a kid..
A. For my growing years; my grandma made my 1st hair. My grown years...I can't readily remember.

Q. Name 5 #hairstyles u rocked as a kid.
A, Puff Puff, Eko Bridge, Kolese, Patewo, Face to

Q. lol. Which one is Eko Bridge?
A. Eko bridge is done with thread , and intricately built like a bridge.

Q. Then as a teenager, what #hairstyles did u rock?
A.sade Adu corn row, Braids ( We used to call that Bob Marley in those days. Lol

Q. When did u transition to human #hair?
A. I transitioned quite early. In those days we used them for single plaits. I must have been 21.

Q. which are your favourite human hair?
A. I love the Peruvian of nowadays. They bounce well and are more silky and manageable.

Q. What are d things running thru ur mind when planning to go to d salon?
A. I actually pray that I don't have a long wait; especially when I didnt book an appointment
Q. Lol.. really? U usually dont book appointments. We assume its all about appointments in d Uk.
Q. What determines what #hairstyles?
A. Where I live; season determines. I have hair style for winter and summer.

Q. which ones for winter and which for summer?
A. cropped hair for core summer and long weaves/braids for winter.

Q. What are d advantages of these choices, cropped 4 summer, & long 4 winter?
A. Cropped: u don't feel the Summer heat too much. Long: it keeps ur head warm in d chilly winter season.

 Q. pls answer these hair trivia… Long or Short?
A> Both

Q. curls or straight?
A. Curls for me.

Q. Natural or weaves?
A. Weaves…Natural occasionally.

Q. Colours or Not?
A. Colours definitely! Even if it's only to highlight.

Q. Pick any 2 from d following.. red, blue, purple, Gold & green?
A. Red and Gold.

Q. how long is your natural hair?
A. I'm forever growing it cos I'm too adventurous with it. I've cut it crazily in the past.

Q. Have u ever suffered #hair mishap? Tell us about it..
A. My wig once fell off my head on a windy day. Lol. And I ran after it,

Q. Lol. Did u catch it?
A. Of course! Who wants to part with 7 bunches of Peruvian hair on a wig?

Q. In d spirit of patriotism, could u ever wear green hair?
A. Haaa! I'm not that adventurous oo. But if it's to say I'm a true Nigerian; I've got no choice.

Q. What is that thing that no one knows about ur #hair?
A. I started having grey hair early in life. Now I'm tired of dyeing them.

Q. whats d highest uve ever spent on ur hair?
A. i hope my mum isn't reading this. I've spent over £1,000 on hair: Brazilian; Peruvian, Mongolian etc

Q. Which kind of male hairstyle would ur mama 'kill' u for if u 'brought' it home? Lol.
A. My mum wouldn't kill me for any oo. Even if I do gorimapa. She is understanding as regards that.

Q. Which #hairstyles would u never be caught wearing?
A. Azeezat's hairstyles. Lol. I'm not that bold. I give it to her. She's one hell of a hair Diva! Kudos!

Q. Stranded on an island, whats that hair product u can never do without?
A. John Frieda serum. To make my hair lush, moisturised and keep it from the dryness of the Island.

Q. Finally, Who makes ur hair?
A. My Jamaican hairdressers Nikki and Sherreen

A. We are having our 5th anniversary edition in Dubai come October the 30th.

HV. Thank u so much for honouring us on #hairvolutionhairforum 2day. We wish u d very best in all ur endeavour.
&,pls tell ur followers2 ff @Hairvolutionmag on Twitter, @Hairvolutionmagazine on instagram,&visit  4 d hair side life

 Thanks so much! I've enjoyed the chat. Let's do this again sometime soon! Xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


We've been monitoring Chidinma for a while now. But oh yeah, we didnt see this coming.

Though the last we noticed, we noted that she was indeed in need of a haircut, not knowing that she had something up her sleeves. No wonder the different caps!

Introducing chidinma with the medium-sized threading.

We at Hairvolution Magazine looove it, afterall she somehow reminds us of our Publisher Azeezat.
But what about u? Yay or Nay


Definitely, eventually Lauryn Hill's live performance in Nigeria has come and gone. But if there is anything that will be talked about the event for a long time, apart from Lauryn's energetic performance, and the ineptitude of the organizers, it is her low cut hairstyle.
Surprisingly, Lauryn's lowcut reminds us of our own Chidinma. But ironically this show coincided the same weekend that chidinma debuted her new thread hairstyle.
So on your behalf, Hairvolution Magazine brings you The Hairvolution of Lauryn Hill.
which is your favourite Lauryn hairstyle of all time?