Hv.. #hairvolutionhairforum is anopportunity for us to understand @OfficialMissKDK's hair journey. We want to know, is this really you?
 Chidinma..  Lol...of course it's me.

Hv.. can u remember what was going on through your mind at this point in your life
Chidinma.. I was just enjoying the experience

Hv.. when you decided to rock this hairstyle, what inspired it?
Chidinma.. To look African and with something people might think is outdated and classy at d same time.

Hv.. we'll pause for now.lets get down to business,what does hair mean to you
Chidinma.. My hair means a lot...it's my identity so I take it seriously.

Hv.. how regularly do u visit d salon?
Chidinma.. Not very often.

Hv.. what's your haircare routine like?
Chidinma.. Nothing really serious..I just wash my hair everyday and use my curl activator.

Hv.. do you see yourself coloring your hair?
Chidinma..  Never!!

Hv.. Lol. Why?
Chidinma.. I enjoy looking simple and natural

Hv.. what inspired your low cut?
Chidinma.. I needed to look different

Hv.. who made your first hair,  Iya Lucky? (her mom)  Lol
Chidinma.. Lol...one of my sisters.

@iamTohlublaize.. You have constantly changed the look of your hair...
What inspires your choice?
Chidinma.. Depends how I feel and how I want to look at a particular time.

Hv...  whats ur fave hairstyle of all time
Chidinma.. We call it suku ologede..lol

Hv..  what other things would you never do to your hair
Chidinma.. Parting maybe

Hv.. answer these hair trivia: long/short hair, straight or curls, human hair or synthetic, Natural hair or extention
Chidinma.. Short..straight..human...natural.

Hv.. have you ever suffered a hair mis-hap,  tell us about it?
Chidinma.. I actually tried coloring my hair and my hair started falling off.

Hv.. What!
Chidinma.. Yes!
Hv.. what kind of hairstyles attracts you to a man?
Chidinma.. Normal low cut...

Hv.. can you ever grow dreads?
Chidinma.. Maybe later...not anytime soon.

Hv.. when ure ready for a trim,  who does it for you?
Chidinma.. One of my brothers

Hv.. do you think you will ever go back to rocking hair extensions?
Chidinma.. Not soon

Hv.. did ur secondary school allow girls to make hair?
Chidinma.. Yes!

Hv.. Oh.  So name some of d hairstyles?  Cheeky
Chidinma.. Suku..koroba..thread..a lot all back with didi .

Hv.. Then when its holidays, do you 'perm' and then what? 
Chidinma.. Yes..

Hv.. What is d biggest upside and downside of rocking ur low cuts
Chidinma.. It's really easy and less stressful when I have to bath and sleep.
But then it needs a lot of attention and detail. It has to shine every time I step out..hairline has to be on point every time.

Hv.. do you sometimes wish you could do other hairstyles, what kind of hairstyles inspire that feeling?
Chidinma.. No!

Hv. @therealdakore rocked her locs for 13yrs, do u see urself rocking ur cuts that long? #hairvolutionhairforum
Chidinma.. that's why I try other low cut styles, like growing it a little and style to look however I want.

Hv..  on a scale of 1_10, how much of a hair person are u?
Chidinma.. 3/10

Fan.. Please, what shampoo or soap or whatever would you recommend for my hair? I'm on a lowcut too. Thanks.
Chidinma.. Depends on what works for you.,I use my body wash.

Hv.. have you ever imagined your wedding, what kind of hairstyle you would like to rock on your wedding day?
Chidinma.. Depends on what my husband wants.

Hv.. Thank you @OfficialMissKDK for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today, its difficult for us to let you go. But we know you're superbusy
Chidinma.. Was so much fun guys

 Hv.. How long would you go on low cut
Chidinma..5 more years maybe.

Hv.. this is serious, aint you by all these trendy hairstyles?
Chidinma.. Lol.. Im not.

Hv.. Lol. Countdown begins. Then what do you think will follow?

Chidinma.. Dreads maybe.

Hv.. @OfficialMissKDK hair suggestions for your wedding day
Chidinma.. Lol



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