The normal occurrence is that when you're turning 52, the tendency is most likely you want to maintain whatever aroma of youth you still have in your being, savouring every last drop of it as you can get.
But not Nina Bingham, celebrated motivational speaker, and Author of best selling books. We'll be finding out why she's turning her hair all white in celebration of her 52nd birthday.
Its baby: absolutely the hair side of life!

Hv.. Nina Bingham @liv_enlightened welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum
Nina.. Thank you, Im excited to answer incoming questions about why Im choosing grey hair at age 52

Hv.. in ur own words, describe yourself
Nina.. Thanks for that welcome!. Im a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Author in the US. I care about womens issues, so decided to embrace my ageing hair. Im age 52 and have decided to go grey--Im not waiting for God!

Hv... True. Lets dig right in, what does hair mean to you
Nina.. Who we are isn't determined by the outer self as much as the years weve lived. But my hair does make a statement about me.

Hv.. What does ur hair say about you?
Nina.. More than any feature it tells a story. Mine has said: Im black and shiny and sophisticated. Now it will say: Ive LIVED
Hv.. Lol. True

Hv.. we want to start by tracing your hair history, what were your earliest hair memories
Nina.. My single Mom had her own hair salon. I made extra money by cleaning the salon at night! I grew up in the beauty industry

Hv.. Ha!  Gotcha. Give us 2 of d best hair tips ur mom taught u
Nina.. She taught me to buy only the better products because you don't want frizzy hair, and to tip your stylist well!

Hv.. Yeah. Stylists will love that. tell us 2 things about your hair before deciding to go all grey
Nina.. It was jet black-but I couldn't keep the grey from bursting through. Well I could have... I just wanted to embrace it.

Hv.. Describe that moment when you decided you had had enough, you're done with black hair
Nina.. When I had to touch up the roots every 2 weeks I said: enough is enough. Its time to love your aging self! Love it, own it.

Hv... So you did. Thanks for sending us that liink about the procedure, quite enlightening. Cant wait to share with our tweetfam
Nina.. Its a Youth to Wisdom Makeover: from black hair to grey. But its all about what YOU see when you look in the mirror

Hv.. It was also quite revealing that going grey is actually trendy, someone as young as @kyliejenner has rocked it
Nina.. @KylieJenner I like the idea that "granny hair" is "in." I think that says that women of all ages are stylish and beautiful

Hv.. How do you feel about that: that embracing your age, a reverse makeover as you call it, is actually being chic
Nina.. Its chic because its making a bold statement. Its declaring: Im proud of my maturity &how many days Ive survived. Age doesn't have to be something guarded, or whispered, because every wrinkle and grey hair has a story to tell.

Hv.. as a life coach, using your hair transition as a case study, what would u say to someone who doesn't see good in herself
Nina.. Im promoting strong self-image in women, and our changing hair is part of that.

Hv.. name 3 lifelong lessons that growing up in a salon has taught you ?
Nina.. 1-Women like to gossip 2-Women need to feel attractive not for others, but for themselves, and 3-Women like to gossip.

Nina.. Just kidding. But women do notice one another, and can be competitive about looks.

Hv.. this is really cute 
Nina.. First glasses ever, and this is the second step of the hair stripping process. Next comes the grey application.

Hv.. now we dont know which is cuter
Nina.. You can see how much root growth, that was happening every 2 wks. It gets to the point where youre fighting a losing battle 

Hv.. can we say your best hair accessory is your
dimples?  Cos once they just appear u can get away with..
Nina.. I never realized I had dimples until someone pointed it out to me. Funny how other people see things about us we don't see.

Hv.. pls honestly, which one of these looks is ur favourite
Nina.. I must say I prefer the lighter hair colors on me; the black was getting me down. The highlights gave me a lift.

Hv.. is this where u are right now? 

Nina..  Im at Step 2--Brown w highlights. That's where Im headed!! I had to let my hair rest for a few weeks before a second color. Thats my future! Lets be honest: nobodys fooled by hair dye. Save yourself the trouble-transition gracefully & gratefully.

Hv.. Lol. Whats the best part of this procedure for u, and what's the worst?
Nina.. The best part is a completely new, never-tried look. The worst part will be ...I don't feel like there is a worst part.

Hv.. Do you think you can ever change your mind, maybe in like 2-5yrs you go back to black, cos you really do have amazing hair
Nina.. Thank you! Its always been very full, a mane at times. I don't think I want to go backwards, Ill just keep going forwards. Since I grew up in a salon I tried every color. This is just another color in the palette, so Im comfortable with it.

Hv... Ha. Can we honestly say, this is d only color in d palette u haven't tried?  Lol
Nina.. Yes! Ive been black, burgundy, brown, blond-I feel lucky to have grown up with a mother always experimenting on my hair.

Hv.. Just fooling around with you. @Hairvolutionmag is absolutely behind u in this process. We're all for embracing YOU
Nina.. Right. We should support each other as we age. Were all ganna do it, so why not have a sense of humor about it.

Hv.. Yes. It means joyfully embracing it. And who knows, when it turns out alright for you ,thousands of women worlwide will do the same.
Nina.. Be proud of who you are, grey hair too-because we need to teach our daughters to never be ashamed of any part of themselves.

Hv.. Ok. So when is the great reveal?
Nina.. One week and counting. I was biting my nails, but then I realized anything that's part of who I am is beautiful. Right??.

Hv.. Yes. We couldn't agree more! Its d realization that everything is gravitating towards falling in2 place.
Nina.. We have to own our wisdom. Love it and flaunt it. Confidence is sexy at any age!
In life, this never ever ever goes wrong. IT ALWAYS makes sense at d end of the day.

Hv.. is dyeing ur hair grey more expensive than the other normal dyes
Nina.. I think it may be more expensive because if youre going from black to grey its a two visit process. Its pricey.
 Its a 2- step process to transition from black to grey, so two visits is twice the cost of most color jobs.

Hv.. can u do us a favour, close your eyes, take a deep breath, look back into your life & say something
Nina.. I would say: You are more lovely than you know & it comes from the condition of your heart, not the condition of your hair.

Hv.. in order not to bother you, we'll share the link you sent us on our blog so our ppl can learn d maintenance
Nina.. Id stress the importance of pre and post conditioning treatments. Otherwise you'll have mounds of breakage.

Hv.. but we cant let you go without asking you this question: stranded on an island, which hair product would you never do without
Nina.. Root lifter. Its a life saver! But seriously--a conditioner that preserves your color...its worth its weight in gold.

Hv.. Thank u Nina Bingham Nina Bingham 4 being part of #hairvolutionhairforum 2day. Absolutely heartwarming. We wish d very best in all
Nina.. Thank you Hair'volution, you ROCK! My best to you in 2016!!

And ladies, lets wear our wisdom well :)



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