Hv.. @iamYinkaDavies welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum.

YinkaD.. yyyyeeessss ooooooooo I haf land

Hv.. Thank you for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum, & thanks for waiting. Your profile is... What word can we use.. Intimidating, your experiences are humongous. Lol. Painter, sculptor, dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter, fantabulous performer. Ha! What else do we not know..

YinkaD.. thank you thank you thank you pamuregeji!!!!!

Hv.. Lol. Yes o. I remember sitting in my room in school in abeokuta, listening to radio, & hearing about ur accident. What was dat time like?

YinkaD.. it was a huge party for me yet, a super humbling experience, my children weren't with me so, it wasn't funny at all

Hv... We remember this iconic hairstyle,

YinkaD.. hehehehehehe my so very sexy ikemjika!!!!!!!

Hv.. Lol. let’s get down to business, what does hair mean to you

YinkaD.. HHAAAAIIIIRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A single strand of my hair that snaps, does me like I'm about to stab a hairdresser!

Hv.. Lol. Does hair mean that much to you! We like to go way back, can you take us briefly into your hair history, what was your hair like  before u were famous

YinkaD.. Afro is my thang! When we were children, my hair would break the oni'diri's (hairdressers') comb, so I kept a short hair in high school

Hv.... I know your natural hair is long & full. How is it now?

YinkaD... it's permed and even though people say it's full, I don't see it! When I do braids, I use up to 15 attachments!

Hv.. YES. which brings us to this: u loooove braids. Am I Right or right

YinkaD.. without a doubt. the truth is, braids is an African way of feeling at home, we "punish" our hair to make it grow cos it's kinky. a permed hair would break easily which is why we need to condition it well before we braid it.

Hv.. That’s hair tip for you o, our people. I’m sure they also want to know your haircare routine

YinkaD.. coconut oil with Indian hemp leaves(grounded) is very good for our hair

Hv.. abi. God help us all. Lol


 TOLU.. Almost every Nigerian female love braids either it’s the wool braid or the attachment or Brazilian whatever

YinkaD.. I keep hair for 2 weeks minimum, to have what I can't prove gives me concern, I'm not Brazillian

Tolu... I Have an issue with that too. I have soft and fragile hair, I’m always very decisive on what I use on it

YinkaD.. the best thing for light or flaky hair is leave-in conditioner, stress free lifestyle & anger management.

Tolu. ..@iamyinkadavies thanks maam

Yinka.. my sincere gratitude dear tweeties.

 We love braids because we grew up being "dealt" with by our hairdressers.

Hv.. Lol. Ha ha. What do u mean by 'dealt' 'punish' @iamYinkaDavies

Tolu.. lool, you mean the knocks, head dragging and the scratching cutting comb on the head

YinkaD ...because of my temperament for my hair, I won't use Brazillian because any hair I wear is thrown away.

Tolu.. True, I think the vital thing is study, observe your hair and know what's good for it

YinkaD.. thank you ladies.

Tolu.. @iamyinkadavies ure welcome maam.

Hv.. we hear ure partly Sierra Leonian, does it have anything to do with your enviable natural hair

YinkaD.. the African hair is kinky, only thread makes it soft, didi keeps it contained though long!

Tolu.. Very right! I've got a soft hair though but didi makes it longer and full for me.

YinkaD as long as you consider a few other things to keep you fresh, spa once a month, fruits, much rest, strolls.

Hv..  we loooove this. Beautiful!(pix)

Yinka.. thank you plenty y'all

Hv.. who makes your hair?

YinkaD... I have about 5 old faithful, they all still get pinched so hard, whenever they dare to manhandle my hair till now

Tolu.. With my experience am very choosy about who does, cos my hairline is very important

Yes. Advise us on that.. Hairline breakage is a problem that plagues most of us.

Hv.. what informs the kind of hairstyles u make when its time for a hair change

YinkaD.. that would depend on the program I have, they vary as you can see the different styles you've posted.

YinkaD.. the white hair flows so easily into lovely coifs so, I stylishly weave my hair like theirs(PIX$).

Hv.. Ohhhh. As in!  Beautiful is just an understatement

Hv.. obviously you’re not a fan of hair colours, why

YinkaD... we are blessed with kinky hair, we told ourselves "it's too hard to comb!" We start to perm then we realised...  the full hair we see we have is gone cos of the chemical we keep putting every 6 weeks, you now want me to add colour?.

Hv... But now more and more women are embracing their natural hair

YinkaD... there's branding and there's being...because the world is embracing kinky hair don't mean to follow, we already are kinky!

Tolu.. That's very true, hair indiscipline I guess or just over reckless hair style craze

YinkaD... we really need to stop our follow follow syndrom, it's killing us deep inside bad bad baaaaad

Tolu.. God bless you maam! I don't vogue my hair because its in vogue. I do what soothes me, my hair, my face. I love some hairstyles but can't do them because my hair won't stand the stress..

YinkaD.. just be comfortable no matter what, I enjoy pouring water into my hair but I need to think it through

Tolu.. there are actually habits you love doing but are not helpful. Choice is always ours

YinkaD.. you can bet the last ekpini or toro & kobo that we have a choice gbam

Hv.. Which hairstyles are u most comfortable with

YinkaD.. this is the only style I can carry anywhere it's just that, it goes through 6 weeks drama!(pic..her hair packed 2d back)

Tolu.. Funny enough d local didi, but it doesn't rock work most times so I do braids more and funky weaving. love them. There are actually didis that rock, but getting who understands the craze & style effect u want created is rare.

YinkaD.. all because our eyes and all that we see around, we feel left out of "actions" we now call didi the hair that witches do! If we see ourselves unattractive in public over didi,  we have lost who we are. God created us all rare, it's our responsibility to see how unique He made us, to be of use to one another!

Tolu.. lool, just laughed out in the bus. Witches make weavons and attachments too. I tink its about style

YinkaD.. I am so in love with the didi hairstyle, it's so original to us as a black race, we need to carry it well

YinkaD… this I plan to begin in 5 years (p[c..low cut)

Hv... What!  Cut ur hair????  WHY????

YinkaD.. it's time to get real my sweeties πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I don't enjoy perming at all but I bear it because of my job...

Hv.. Lol. Eh ya. I know u can do anything u want to do.  you’re one of the people that taught us that in this industry *hugs*

YinkaD.. he he he he he he he he he you people should not spoil my market o, I'm still a babe biko

Hv.. Naa. 4 where. Ur market can never spoil o. See d last pix u sent. Na die!

 YinkaD.. tell me about it! The day I heard, there's a South African lady who looks exactly like me, I grew my hair back kia moo

Hv.. finally,  stranded on an island,  which hair care products would u never do without

YinkaD.. not do without but, organic everything, has topped the list for now πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Hv.. @iamYinkaDavies thank you for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum 2day we love u like kilode



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