Its time 4 #hairvolutionhairforum with @stelladamasus
Stella.. I am so ready
Hv.. To call her beautiful is an understatement, multi-talented @stelladamasus is much more than that
Stella.. thank you so much
Hv.. Ohhh. We wanted 2 regale ur fans with ur very tall profile. Lol
Stella.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ do they need it?
Hv.. Han han, we have to do the honours. Lol Actress, singer,.. Do you also write?
Stella.. yes I do. I have had a blog for about 4years now. 
Hv.. Moving on.. Podcaster, Blogger, Event host.. You know most people think you're just an actress
Stella.. yes a lot of people don't know all I do. I host two radio shows every week as well.
Hv.. Yes. We know that. What we meant, is songwriting
Stella.. I do my best when it comes to song writing but @DaBishop007 is better at that. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@DaBishop007.. thanks for the vote of confidence and for trusting me. Cc @Hairvolutionmag
*grinning* We're getting to that.. It feels good to really roll out ur plenty feathers. Lol. We saw ur Director debut. *grin
Stella.. I directed a music video called YOU DELIVER by OSAS VOICE. It was released on YouTube.
Hv.. in short what is it you want to do that you have not done
Stella.. I want build an orphanage and a school. I have not done that yet.
Hv.. And u will! alright ppl, you've gotten the message: how heavyweight our guest today is, @stelladamasus  let's formally now welcome you to #hairvolutionhairforum. What does hair mean to you 
Stella.. an identity that makes a woman intriguing.
Hv.. on a scale of 1-10, how much of a hair person are you?
Stella.. definitely 10
Hv.. many years ago I remember being marvelled by your natural hair, so thick & healthy, is it still that way?
Stella.. I have gone natural again after overdoing the chemicals. It's still thick but now I just have fun with it.
Hv.. come to think of it, not seen your natural hair in a while, is there any reason for this?
Stella.. I do a lot of protective styling. Natural 4c hair is not one you want to comb through everyday. It breaks easily.
Hv.. how long is it now, how long has it ever gone?
Stella.. it grew to the middle of my back about 6years ago. But since then I cut when it gets to my shoulders. It's short now. I cut it again three months ago
Hv.. what's your haircare routine
Stella.. wash regularly even in braids or cornrows. Moisturizer with leave In conditioner. I use oils to treat as well.
Hv.. Now we need some hair-education, what's natural 4c hair?
Stella.. 4c is the very kinky coarse African hair. It's thick and it shrinks easily too.
Hv.. this is the part I loove most With #hairvolutionhairforum: your hair history, who made your 1st hair?
Stella.. my older sister Sandra. She loved my hair and couldn't get her hands off it. At least that's  what she told me.
Hv.. *grin.. Thats another thing, how much of a hair influence were your sisters?
Stella.. I have five sisters but only Sandra and I were hair freaks. My mother had hair up to her waist and it was all natural. she would wrap it and style to work everyday. I used to pray to have hair like hers so I could style it too
Hv.. was your Secondary school the kind that allowed girls make their hair?
Stella.. they didn't but my dad fought for me to do mine. It made people hate me though. He just loved hair. MY father didn't like it when women cut their hair.
Hv.. name 5 of your fave hairstyles as a teenager
Stella.. braids, sade, Afro, updo, weaves
*Grin. What! So what hairstyles did u make?
Hv.. did you have that kind of moment when you became 'this is the life!'
Stella.. I always had that feeling even as a kid. But that moment came when someone took a picture of me just cos of my hair.
Hv.. when did you first apply chemicals on your hair
Stella.. I believe I was 10 years old. Prior to that we used the stretching combπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ old school right?
Hv.. Yes o. Do babes even know what that is these days *grinning
Hv.. congrats on your hair label. Tell us about it?
Stella.. I am trying to relaunch it here in America. I did it in Abuja and it was called ADIVA HAIR. When I left Nigeria I put it on hold. Now I have other companies partnering to release different types with my name.
Hv.. What informed your launching a hair label/line. 
Stella.. everyone around me knew how much i loved hair and how much I knew and understood about it. I had human hair merchants coming to me to help them test the hair they wanted to sell. I had to review their own hair for them
it was @DaBishop007 who finally encouraged me to start something and he supported the whole process.
Hv.. Really! Where did all that knowledge come from? 
Stella.. you will not believe that I studied hair. Conferences, Internet, manufacturers, quality control, I researched and studied, not because I knew I would start a biz. But because I just love hair.
Hv.. You went thru all these, &still initially didn't have intentions of going into hair biz? 
Stella.. I didn't know I would do the biz. I just wanted to know all about hair. I have even done a seminar and award ceremony on hair. I have gone to an all-girl institute to speak on Hair. Funny isn't it?
Hv.. Lol. Talk about destiny! 
what products will be hitting the markets first & how soon?
Stella.. the custom-made wigs and braid extensions. I can't determine how soon cos I have to wait on some registerations and the branding
Hv.. We can't wait! do you like hair colours?
Stella.. never used to like colors but my first daughter Isabel and @rumeh_ejoor got me into experimenting with colors. now I find myself doing purple, red, color 33 mixed with 27 and some weird pink.
Hv.. what else is on the radar for you?
Stella.. too many things. I have a new movie coming up. @MonAfrikTV is launching soon @i2Radio has new shows, I'm doing a mini tour.
Hv.. what's your fave hair ever!
Stella.. my favorite hair is called MOLADO CURLS in Honey blond. I got it from @HAIRGLAMOURINTL
Hv.. have you ever had a hair mis-hap? Share..
Stella.. I must have had one when I started experimenting but not sure I remember right now. I try to be very careful with hair.
Hv.. stranded on an island, what haircare product would you never want to do without 
Stella.. my leave-in conditioner is one thing I will need.
Hv.. wishing you the best in all you do, especially The Alternative.. Tell us a little about the album.. Why I should buy
Stella.. it is a gospel album that just makes God perfect in the life of an imperfect person. It is not for commercial value but to bless anyone who listens to it. It's a prayer and worship guide for those times when times are tough.
Hv.. Where can we get it?
Stella.. it's available online everywhere even on YouTube.
Hv.. thank u so much for being part of hairvolutionhairforum today. Pls tell ur followers to visit
Stella.. thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.
Hv.. please come back when the hair products are ready
Stella.. definitely. I will send you some to try out.
Hv.. Alright people, thank you all for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today, till next time when we'll have another exciting guest keep visit our site .



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