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I trust that you are all hanging in there regardless of the daily challenges we are all facing.

After my first introductory article, I got a call from my older sister complaining that the article was not complete. I got a bit worried because I checked and 

read it over and over again but it was complete.

She then made me understand that her friends whom she shared the article with, wanted me to say more about my hair journey and knowledge. I took that as a huge COMPLIMENT because it meant that I got their attention.

So this article will be focused on some basic things I discovered about natural hair and the best way to handle it.

1.Even though YOU have natural hair, it's still different from others who have natural hair.

Curl patterns are different and COIL patterns are different as well, but we will talk about the real difference between CURL and COIL in another article.
2. Natural hair needs ordinary water more than any other product that is advertised.

3. Find the products that work for you and if it's just one stick to it. Changing hair products without being sure that your hair is compatible with its components can be disastrous.

4. Not all protective styles (according to some stylists) are good for your hair. If your hair is not as strong as others then you have to avoid some styles that they have termed “protective”.

5. Natural hair needs more steaming (cold or hot) than other types of hair.

6. When you take down your protective style, you need to saturate your hair with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner, then comb it out starting with the ends first, all the way up to the roots.

Comb through your hair to gently take out clumps and knots before you wash. This step is extremely important because without it you will lose more hair than normal. 

It's not the braids or weaves that cut the hair ALL the time (especially if properly done), it's the omission of this step that destroys it.

7. Don't be deceived into thinking that because your hair is natural, you can straighten it with hot straighteners and put water in it to revert it without breakage. After straightening my very thick natural hair a few times, I noticed that the ends of my hair became much thinner than the roots.

In my head I believed that after washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner it will come back to its original state, but the truth is that when natural hair has been damaged by excessive heat it wouldn't return to its original state and eventually you will have to cut it off.

Lesson Learnt: If you choose to go natural then stick to it. If you want straight hair then get a straight wig or straight weave with closure.

8.Even if your hair is in braids, you still need to wash and condition it, leave it to air dry then oil or moisturizer your scalp depending on the kind of scalp you have.

If you have good scalp that produces or retains oil then please moisturize instead of using oils. But if you have dry scalp like me, then please use more oils than creams or moisturizers.

Hair cream should be used maybe one or twice a week, but you can oil or moisturize daily.

9. Allow your natural hair to breathe after a protective style TAKE DOWN. Pamper it and give it the kind of attention and treatment you would want your body and face to have.

10. Don't treat your natural hair like it's made of steel. It is hair in it's natural state. The health of it is determined by : 

⁃What you feed it
⁃ How clean it is
⁃ How you can handle it when combing
⁃ How you pull it
⁃How long you have a hairstyle on

One Last thing that may sound crazy, funny, unrealistic, silly, or irrelevant to most people is prayer. Funny right? Wrong.

Why do we pray for every other thing in life but we cannot pray for the health of our hair? Do we think one part of our body is less important than the other?
If your answer is NO, then why don’t you pray for your hair?

Stella Damasus
"It's not what people say you are, It's who God says you are"


Nelo Ojukwu said…
Thanks a million Stella, grooming the natural hair is such a huge issue, i'm sure if a lot of us knew how to care for it, we'd have discarded all the stuff we put on it. Thanks once again.
Nelo Ojukwu said…
Thanks a million Stella, grooming the natural hair is such a huge issue, i'm sure if a lot of us knew how to care for it, we'd have discarded all the stuff we put on it. Thanks once again.
Winnie O said…
Thank you SD. I got some lessons from this post already...especially the prayer part ☺.


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