Hey Lovelies,

I have realised that a lot of people use all sorts of products on their hair without doing any research first.
Personally, I like to find out more about products, their components and uses before I try it on my hair. It's not healthy to put different things in your hair just because you saw an advertisement or it worked for someone else.

So, here are a few tips that just might help:

1) GEL: Works best for sculpting and smoothing strands. You really don't need to use heat on it to make it work. Tie it with your scarf, leave it on for a while and that should set it and keep it down.

Some types of gels are used to define your curly hair (especially short natural hair) if that's your texture. Be careful with the kind of gel that you use.

I have discovered one that works best for me and it's called “ MOCO DE GORILLA (Snot Gorila Gel) Punk”
Be careful not to use extremely strong gel that can dry out and break your hair when you’re taking out whatever style you had your hair in.

Styling Tip: You can use the gel to mold your hair into a ponytail.

2)EDGES: Five years ago, I really didn't know anything about laying edges except from when your hair was in a ponytail, but it became more popular a few years ago and every woman had to learn to lay their edges.

One problem I have with it is that some people do it to the point were their edges look like wild oceans. That for me makes your hairline look fake and too intentional.
I am very old school so I believe in looking natural and decent. I lay my edges when I need to but not to look like I spent one hour sculpting it. Not every one can do it perfectly too.
I usually recommend using small amounts of edge control to prevent any ugly white or yellow looking residue on your hair line.

There are edge tamers that are more water based and others that are like dry paste.
If you have straight hair from perming I would recommend dry paste gels like CREME OF NATURE (argan oil) PERFECT EDGES. There are other amazing products out there but this is my most preferred for straight hair.

If you have natural or curly hair, then I recommend using wet based edge controls like
SANA HAIR EDGE CONTROL, MOCO DE GORILLA (Snot Gorila Gel) Punk, HICKS EDGES. There are other great wet based edge controls but I will only recommend what I have really used that worked.


After washing my hair with shampoo and regular conditioner, I normally follow up with my own mixture of conditioner and water.

Many people have asked me how I get my natural hair to be very soft and curly, so here’s the simple trick.

I use my spray bottle which costs only one dollar, put a small quantity of leave-in conditioner cream and then add water to fill up more than half the bottle. I shake until the mixture is properly mixed and blended then I spray all over the hair (not the whole bottle, just enough to dampen my hair)
When I am done with that, I use my hands to massage it in, then I comb starting from the ends all the way to the roots.
My preferred products are DARK and LOVELY , MIXED CHICKS, AFRICAN PRIDE (shea butter miracle), CANTU (Shea butter leave-in), and BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES (tangle taming).

You can use anyone of the product I mentioned, they are all available at the beauty supply store and are very good but I advice that you stick to the ones that gives you the softness you need.
It also has to be light enough not to weigh your hair down or make it go limp. I don't like very thick and creamy leave in conditioners. The lighter moisturizing conditioners are better for natural 4c hair.

There are other products that are out there in the beauty world, but make sure you find the right fit for your hair.

Find out what the components are and look them up to know the ingredients that are going into your hair.
Eat the right foods that support hair growth and strength.
Drink lots of water and eat fruits too.

Stella Damasus


Winnie O said…
Thank you SD, especially for the conditioning tip. It doesn't look like what will break the bank at all.


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