This is a question that every woman with natural hair has asked at some point in her hair journey.
There is an argument that natural hair breaks faster than permed or straight hair. A lot of people have said it is not true and have even tried to prove it in so many ways.

In my opinion, I think that natural (especially 4c) hair breaks more than permed hair. Trying to comb 4c hair is definitely more stressful than combing permed or straight hair.

The one thing that everyone should know is that if you have 4c hair, you will definitely experience

shedding or breaking whether you like it or not.

Some people may have minimal breakage and others may have excessive breakage.
It is not rocket science to know that compared to straight hair, COARSE and COILY hair will lose more strands when touched or combed.

When I was a child my mother used black hair thread to straighten out my 4c hair, not only to stretch it for length but to make it easier to comb without all the shedding. It actually worked for me then.

Unfortunately, we don't do that anymore so a lot of us have tried to use different methods to achieve the same thing. These things may cause damage if we are not careful.
Why does natural hair break?

Stress has been known to cause hair shedding because of hormonal imbalance
When you leave your protective style for too long, the root creates knots filled with dirt that breaks off when you comb
Washing your hair without detangling first
Combing the hair directly from the root to the end (Always comb your hair from the ends down to the root)
Using small toothed combs (tiny) instead of starting off with the big toothed combs (big).

Using the wrong products for shampooing which dries out the hair and eventually breaks it.
Using too much conditioner (It can weaken the hair causing it to break off while combing).
Braids or cornrows that are too tight/tiny which can cut the hair from the roots.
Too much gel/extremely hard edge control can take out your edges.
Lack of regular steaming

Dry scalp
Constantly touching/ combing your hair (this is why you need protective styles)
Your diet can affect the health of your hair
Cold weather can break your hair if you don't protect it.
These are some of the reasons your hair can break. However, if your shedding is very excessive you might want to see a doctor.

Next week, I will give you some tips on how to prevent the breaking. They have worked for me and I will be more than glad to share them with you.

If you have your own methods that have worked for you please send them to me info@stelladamasus.com so that I can include it and help our fellow Naturalistas.
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