So Chris Brown decided to change his hairstyle again. That's no longer news, but why?
Breezy', as he is popularly called is one smoking hot dude who can rock just about any look. But how come Pink Cornrows?
1. Could it be that there is no more space on his body to put a new tat, to spice up his life?
2. Or could it be that it might have something to do with his little girl Royalty: a salute to her once again, you know he's constantly doing stuffs to validate or, show off his love for her.
3. Or simply, his little angel picked out that fiery pink for him
For whatever reasons, these cornrows are not the typical front to back but instead are snaked across the top of his head and look super stylish.
its great that he decided to go with a color most tough guy singer/rapper would not go near. But hey, its super stylish, totally unique and 100%chris. He is owing this look like there is no tomorrow.

what do you guys think?
Breezy debuted the new look via his instagram page on july 5 wearing a hot hoodie to match the new look.