So many women have a problem with itchy scalp but are too embarrassed to even say or discuss about it. There was stigma as regards having an itchy scaly scalp when I was growing up. Some people believed that any woman who has an itchy or scaly scalp is dirty or has a horrible disease.

As a result of this, a lot of women secretly nursed their troubled scalp alone which made it worse. If left untreated, it gets worse and becomes a condition that a proper TRICHOLOGIST has to treat.

Itchy scalp is not something that should cause embarrassment because it can be caused by different things that we cannot control, such as:

Diet or lack of it
Hormonal imbalance
Sharing combs with a person who has a scalp condition
Leaving on braids or weaves for too long
Using the wrong hair cream/products
Braids or cornrows that are too tight
Heat under your weave
Excess chlorine from swimming
Starving your scalp of essential oils
Neglecting your scalp

I am not ashamed to say that I have battled with dry scalp for a long time. The good thing is that I can trace when and how mine started.

A couple of years ago I accommodated a lady who had a lot of hair. Her hair was so long and healthy looking,  no one would ever think she could have dry scalp.
She didn't have a lot of things to use for her hair so I told her it was okay to use my combs as long as she cleans them up. I could not prove how well she cleaned them but I know that my dry and itchy scalp started when I shared my personal combs and brushes with her.
I asked her about it and she confirmed that she was battling with itchy scalp but it never broke her follicles.

So I did what I should have done in the first place, bought her a set of combs for herself. It is good to share but not with everything please.

There are things that should be personal and private like syringes, combs, underwear, toothbrush, sponges, cotton buds etc.

Anyway, I spoke to different hairstylists and specialists who prescribed and mixed different things that would cure it. I tried everything under the sun and ate everything they asked me to.

At this time I had never heard of the word TRICHOLOGY neither did I know anyone who practiced it professionally.

After some years I decided to study hair and scalp by myself and get to the bottom of it. That was when I realised that different things worked for different people.

It might shock you to know that my scalp did much better when it was under protective styling. That way it would retain and keep whatever oil I put on my scalp. But when I let my hair out for days, the wind just dries it up so fast. So, if I have to leave my hair out, I will have to oil it twice a day (NOT CREAM PLEASE). I discovered a mixture of certain oils that worked for me.

Another huge revelation that has been working wonders for my hair is a product that a lot of us have abandoned. We prefer to buy foreign and new products because of the hype.

This revelation is the one and the same VIRGIN HAIR FERTILIZER . It might make some people laugh but I have been using it for a while now and it has really turned my scalp around. I try to use my mixed oils once a week for hot oil treatment, but I use my virgin fertilizer everyday.

Find out what works for you and stick to it. Don't be ashamed to talk to a professional about your scalp issues.

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