James Catalano is a celebrity hairstylist based in the United kingdom
Hv.. Let's meet you..
James Catalano: Hair Stylist / Session Stylist.

Hv.. How did you come into the hair business?
James.. I began by doing braids and cornrows to earn some extra money whilst studying for my degree.

Hv.. What inspired you to do so?
James.. A lot of the guys at my university had cornrows, myself included, but there was not a go-to person on campus that could braid. I saw a market for those who didn't want to leave campus to get their hair done, and decided to give it a go.

Hv.. What are your areas of specialization?
James.. The majority of my work is styling for clients and photo shoots, weave installations, and natural hair care and straightening.

Hv.. Tell us about your clientele?
James.. My clients cover a broad spectrum and are spread out over London, with some outside London, and a couple of them are international. My regular clientele also includes some well known media personalities. I have also had the pleasure of working with a number of different hair extension and hair care brands, and magazine publications.

Hv.. What's your background training?
James.. After my degree I joined an apprenticeship in a salon, where I did my NVQ training in hairdressing.

Hv.. What's the role of creativity in what you do, how creative are you, and what inspires your creativity?
James.. Creativity is very important in hair-styling as it usually involves a lot of troubleshooting. Within session work, a hairstylist will need to apply creative thinking to their work in order for it to compliment the other aspects of the creative process - photography, makeup, styling, etc.
I have always expressed myself creatively: through art, dance, drama, film making, and poetry. So getting into the creative side of the hair industry allows me to keep my creative juices flowing.
I am inspired by the skill and talent of others and by beautiful imagery, and it's so great to be in a time where these are so easily available at the click of a button. 

Hv.. Where are you presently?
James.. I am currently a freelance, so where I work each week will depend  on what I get commissioned to do. 

Hv.. Any immediate future plans?
James.. When I tire of the physical demands of styling I would like to go into training and developing hair care and styling products and tools.

Hv.. Share a secret with upcoming stylists
James.. Have confidence in your work! Once you are confident with all hair types and a few fundamental basic skills of styling (such as curling, creating volume, smoothing, securing the hair with pins, etc.), you can achieve any look by adapting them to whichever task you are given.