I was watching television on a Saturday morning and stumbled on a television program. The presenter was speaking to a black woman who was furious about an experience she had. 
She was asked to tell the audience why she was so upset, and why she wanted justice. 
The lady said she went for a job interview for a tech company but was denied the position because of her hair. The human resource director told her point blank that she was very qualified for the job but they didn't like the fact that her hair was too big and all over the place. 
She was told that if she had held it in a ponytail or pulled it back, she would have had a better chance. 
At this point all the black people in the audience got very upset and were shouting RACISM. I was one of those screaming racism as well even though I was not physically in the studio. 
People who know me will tell you that I support my black brothers and sisters, most importantly I stand by women all over the world. 
So I was already upset that my black sister was being marginalized because of the texture of her hair. Since I had the same texture I was already livid saying that it can happen to me.
My anger was rising until they put up the picture of the way she looked for the interview.
Hold up!
Wait a minute!
I had to remind myself to be more patient and get all the facts before going bananas. 
Even though I support natural hair, that does not mean that we should not take care of it. 
We always say dress the way you want to be addressed and unfortunately I did not blame the interviewer for the statement he made.
She was dressed appropriately but her hair was so huge. It was about 14 inches of coarse kinky 4c Afro that had huge clumps. 
I am a naturalista too so I know how tough it is to tame natural hair. We have to remember that when we are the ones looking for work or help we have to look neat, tidy and not look like we are going for a hair show. 
It's an office where clients will be received. Nobody wants their clients to come in and stare at a staff member because of her untidy hair.
Please, if you have natural hair, no one is saying perm it or make it look like a white girls hair. No! 
All I am saying is that you should try and make it look neat, tamed and well put together so that it is not a negative distraction. It is an office and not a hair salon. 
I have met a lot of naturalistas who have become so sensitive and defensive when someone talks about their hair. 
It's good to defend what you have but it's also good to take care of it and not let it make you look like an insane person.
Things you can do
1. Water is the best moisturizer so get a spray bottle, fill it halfway with water and add a small amount of leave in conditioner. Shake well for mixture to blend and spray it daily. 
2. If you have to go for an official engagement, please comb thoroughly and pat to be even or pull back with a band.
3. Try and learn a few of the amazing natural hairstyles that work for all occasions. Regardless of your length, there is a style that will work for you. 
4. Make sure it smells nice so that when you come in contact with people it's not a put off.
5. It should not be the first thing that someone sees if you want to work in an office with other people. 
6. Be considerate of the people around you and put yourself in their shoes. 
7. Unless you own the company please follow the rules to avoid issues. 
8. Dress code includes your hair so be sure to adhere to it. 

Thank you for stopping by. 



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