So I installed a custom made unit (wig) for one of my clients. It was a kinky curly human hair weave and she truly loved it.

My client rocked her unit for almost 6 months then all of a sudden she called me to say she was disappointed.

That is not a statement I am used to hearing especially when I recommend good hair and make it into a unit.

I asked her why she made the statement and she went on to say that she flat ironed the unit to get a straight look but could not get it back to its original state after spraying it with water and conditioner.

Let me back up so I can give you a little back story.

When the client called and said she would like me to recommend very good kinky curly hair for her unit, she specifically said "NOTHING EXPENSIVE PLEASE".

I made sure that she understood the different grades of hair which all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Again, she said she didn't want to spend money she just wanted good human hair and not grade 4, 5,6 or 7. This meant that she would have a very nice looking unit that can last as long as she can take care of it.

I made the unit and gave her the products she could use to care for it. The products worked and she enjoyed the hair. The problem started when she decided to use extreme heat to straighten out the unit without consulting me. She didn't ask me what products to use before flat ironing or how to set the heat of the flat iron.

Even at that, the hair was still good enough to take the heat and come out the way she wanted. But her main issue was that it didn't go back to its original state.

How can it go back to its original state when:
She didn't use the right products before applying heat
She didn't set the flat iron to the right setting
She didn't buy high grade hair
She decided to turn cheap kinky curly hair straight instead of buying a not so expensive straight weave.

I always advice anyone who cares to listen, to invest in different types of weaves and wigs. It sounds expensive but it is not, in fact it is more sensible and economical to do that.

If you want to wear curly hair and have that natural look, you can buy curly hair even If it's not very high grade. There are so many great brands that have hair to mimic the highest grade if you can care for it properly.

If you want straight hair for a different look then buy straight hair and enjoy the new look as opposed to using heat to try and manipulate hair that is not high grade and quality.

With grade 5,6 and 7 you can manipulate the curl pattern and get it back to its original state with the right products. With cheaper hair please buy different curl patterns and straight hair so that you can easily change your look.

Thank you for stopping by.