#ibaredmychest series with Yvonne Heath
Hairvolution magazine introduces the #ibaredmychest hair series, to celebrate 21 courageous women across the world, who bared it all in a book in order to encourage all women, and men across the globe, that YOU CAN!The #ibaredmychest series will feature these women's hair stories, as promotion for their soon-to-be released book titled I BARED MY CHEST.Some of these women have already been featured on Hairvolution magazine's #hairvolutionhairforum, these are Alex OKOROJI, who was our very first guest, and who is also one-halve of the conveners of the book; then we have Nina Bingham; and Madison Jaye.Meet our first guest in the series Yvonne Heath.Others will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks. Watch out.To enjoy these women's hair stories, stay hooked to hairvolutionmagazine.com

Hv.. Let's meet you.
Yvonne.. Yvonne Heath; married to my best friend, mother of three, living in beautiful Muskoka Ontario. After a 27-year nursing career and witnessing our death-phobic society, I took a leap of faith at age 50, authored “Love Your Life to Death” and became an Inspirational Speaker.

My new purpose is to empower communities and professionals to live life to the fullest, learn to grieve and support others and have “The Talk” about end of life.

Hv.. If you could describe your Chapter in I BARED MY CHEST in one phrase what would it be?
Yvonne..The naked truth is that we all have quirks, weirdness, scars, wounds. Love all of you, no matter what!

Hv.. What major lesson would you say your chapter will teach a woman out there?
Yvonne.. Get more fabulous with each decade. Love your unique weirdness, flaws and all of you.  Laugh as often as possible.  Listen to your inner voice: What is your bliss? Find it and embrace it. And always bring your own tambourine to a party.

Hv.. What does hair mean to you?
Yvonne.. My hair allows me to express myself uniquely and be creative. It is also a part of my mantra; “Variety within monogamy!” My husband gets to have a wife with long hair, short hair, a blond or a brunette. I tell people I have seasonal hair!

Farrah Fawcett
Hv.. Mention some hairstyles you rocked while growing up. Who was your biggest influence in the hair department?
Yvonne.. That’s an easy one. For years I was rockin the “Farrah Fawcett” hair; parted in the middle, curling iron to the sides and feathered back. Yep…I was pretty proud of that!

Hv.. Is there any way that hair has influenced who you have become. Is there any lifelong lesson that hair has taught you?
Yvonne.. It’s kind of fun to realize how much hair really can teach you. I’ve finally decided in my 50s, after years of always trying to fit in, that I love my originality and I’m not afraid to express it. My hair has always given me the opportunity to “fit in” or express myself uniquely. And really…it was always happier being unique!

Hv.. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a hair person are you?
Yvonne.. Interesting, I’ve never thought about it. I’d have to say I’m a 7 out of 10 hair person. I don’t spend a fortune on my hair or a lot of time, but I love when I feel like my hair looks great…which means it fits how I feel that day. So my hair is indeed important to me.

Hv..What is the biggest sacrifice you've ever made for your hair/to get your hair done?

Yvonne..Biggest sacrifice I’d say was on our honeymoon in Punta Cana. I wanted corn rows so I sat there for what seemed like hours to have them done. That’s hard for someone who is not able to sit for very long. But it looked great!

Hv.. What is the worst thing you've ever done to your hair? Share your moments of hair mishap.
Yvonne.. Ugh. When I had our twins at age 40, I decided I hated my hair dark brown, which it was at the time. I’m sure my hormones and lack of sleep were making me extra sensitive. So I dyed my hair and it turned bright orange. NO!!! I had to keep trying new colours and nothing seemed to work. Every picture I have with my babies I am sporting a different colour do, and hated all of them!

Hv.. How regularly do you visit the salon, who makes your hair, what's your haircare routine like?
Yvonne.. I’d be bad for business for hair salons. I get my hair cut every 6 weeks or so, and I dye my own hair. I also highlight my bangs, just to be a little sassy. I throw pomade in first thing in the morning, then hairspray. That’s it, unless I have a gig that day and I need to primp a little more.

Hv.. What are your preferences:
Yvonne... I need to have simple, easy but stylish hair. I love to be colourful and have a young husband and young kids, so I’m not ready to go grey. I may never be. To each their own. I love my tow-toned hair colour. It is very short with spiked up bangs, which are more blond than the rest. I am stylin’ like Ellen DeGeneres!

Hv.. Finally, stranded on an island what hair product or accessory would you never do without?
Yvonne.. I guess if I was stranded on an island, I would just go oh naturelle, so I would want elastics to keep my long grey hair out of my eyes! 



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