Sunday, 28 February 2016

Tuesday, 23 February 2016



Hear her....

 After I had Jamil my hair started breaking off and I actually got a bald patch, it was a little heart breaking because I wasn't sure it would grow back but my superb hair stylist @dfalanaartistry started treating my hair at @lewa_studio hair salon and with intensive hair care and conditioning my hair is getting back to normal. I'm going to wear my natural hair for a couple of weeks so it can gain its strength back. Thanks debs for protecting my hair even with the amount of styling and weaving I do due to the nature of my job. #ThingsTheyDontTellYouAfterHavingYourBaby #Momsknowbest #MyHairJourney #LongHair #TeamHairyGirls LOL


This is @tokemakinwa rocking her natural hair for the first time ever, under our radar that is. Annddd.. Its not bad at all. Though we wish to have a closer look. @tokemakinwa over to u, pls oblige!!!!