Friday, 23 September 2016

MY HAIR HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN ---Vanessa Mbamarah

I'm really growing to love the #ibaredmychest women more. Here comes Vanessa, or Van as I've come to call her. (And fancy her calling me Zi! Lol.)
She proves once again that #ibaredmychest women are real and down to earth. You'll love her hair story...

1. Let's meet you.

Friday, 16 September 2016


#ibaredmychest series with Yvonne Heath
Hairvolution magazine introduces the #ibaredmychest hair series, to celebrate 21 courageous women across the world, who bared it all in a book in order to encourage all women, and men across the globe, that YOU CAN!The #ibaredmychest series will feature these women's hair stories, as promotion for their soon-to-be released book titled I BARED MY CHEST.Some of these women have already been featured on Hairvolution magazine's #hairvolutionhairforum, these are Alex OKOROJI, who was our very first guest, and who is also one-halve of the conveners of the book; then we have Nina Bingham; and Madison Jaye.Meet our first guest in the series Yvonne Heath.Others will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks. Watch out.To enjoy these women's hair stories, stay hooked to

Hv.. Let's meet you.
Yvonne.. Yvonne Heath; married to my best friend, mother of three, living in beautiful Muskoka Ontario. After a 27-year nursing career and witnessing our death-phobic society, I took a leap of faith at age 50, authored “Love Your Life to Death” and became an Inspirational Speaker.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I stumbled on an Instagram post that totally changed my thought process this morning. This post not only motivated me but really boosted my confidence.
It was written by my friend and sister, the most productive business woman I know. She is the MD/CEO of HAIR GLAMOUR INTERNATIONAL. She has always been known for amazing quality, not only for the human hair that she sells (which I have been a great fan of since she started her business), but quality of lifestyle and friendships.
I was so shocked to see the post because I had never seen her without her weave or wigs.

Saturday, 3 September 2016


So I installed a custom made unit (wig) for one of my clients. It was a kinky curly human hair weave and she truly loved it.

My client rocked her unit for almost 6 months then all of a sudden she called me to say she was disappointed.

That is not a statement I am used to hearing especially when I recommend good hair and make it into a unit.