Hv.. Let's meet you
NK.. my name is Thelma Nkiruka Nwigwe, from imo state Nigeria.

Hv.. What does hair mean to you
NK.. I see hair as one of the major beauty of a woman

Hv.. On a scale of 1-10, how much of a hair lover are you? & why
NK.. my hair is one of the things i don't joke with, i can manage every other thing but not my hair, i love good hair.

Hv.. Tell us about your most memorable hair experience
NK.. my most memorable hair is the first time i fixed human hair, it made me look so different from the way I used to look.

Hv.. What determines the kind of hairstyle you wear while preparing for an outing
NK.. My hairstyle is usually determined by the outfit im preparing to wear, the weather, and even the kind of outing.

Hv.. Name the hairstyles you're feeling right now
NK.. i love short bob hairstyle, baby curls.

Hv.. Who's your hairstylist?
NK.. Im not really particular about a hairstylist,
any good stylist can style my hair.

Hv.. How regularly do you visit the salon.
NK.. every 2weeks.

Hv.. What's your haircare routine.
NK.. I use Shea butter and coconut oil.

Hv.. Do you posses any hairstyling skills? Which ones, & where did you learn
NK.. Yes I know how to make & style all kinds of fixing and braiding.

Hv.. Who made your first hair, can u remember which style it was?
NK.. Lol. I really cant remember.

Hv.. Which male hairstyles would you take home to mama, & which would you not give a second look
 Nk.. short curly hairs....yea it nice, old sch, and some are broke too, so they decided to go natural... Lol. As a result of the ongoing recession in the country.

Hv.. What should we watch out for from the Nkristyle Label?

NK.. Super trendy African and English styles, Nkristyles will be dropping designed Ankara styles that look fantastic, but which are not going to break the bank when you get one...