Its time for #hairvolutiohairforum with @MadisonJaye_
Long before her media days, Today's guest was no stranger to hard work. Growing up in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey, she knew what it was like to lack...working long hours, being dedicated, and building faith. She has experienced everything from losing her parents to ending up homeless, walking miles to school so that she could have a meal, and find a local soup kitchen to eat dinner. 
 Now, she's "Media's New Queen" and has worked or interviewed some of Entertainment Industry Elites, Top Brands & Grammy Award Winners.. 
Maddy, as we love to call her is a Media Personality, Speaker & Host of "The Madison Jaye Show"

Hv.. @madisonJaye_ welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum. So good to have u here
Madison.. So excited..

Hv.. Today's #hairvolutionhairforum is proudly supported by Honey Blowout, the Original Honey haircare solution, Kimo Bentley All Natural Skincare line, & DomesticatedDrea, the name for great fur.
Let's give you some warm #naija welcome. Wassere! GBA o!!! You said your nephew's a Nigerian, how's that?
Madison... my twin sister dated a Nigerian and gave birth to my nephew. so he's African-American, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Nigerian 

Hv.. Haa.. What a combo. Can't wait to meet him soon

HV...What Nigerian words have you learnt?
Madison... naji ... Haha learned that this week actually not too familiar with the language but i do speak a little tre'

HV...Let us into your background.. Let's meet you properly..
Madison.. I'm Madison jaye, a media personality in New York city via the world. I'm from Newark New Jersey. I'm 25 & I'm just getting started.

HV...What does hair mean to you?
Madison.. hair is a source of energy, hair gives us power of expression. Its a unique tool for us to express our individual style.

HV...What does your hair say about you?
Madison... it says my mood for the day. If i wear braids, I'm feeling a lil "gangsta", bun, more conservative & out, i feel free

HV...What hair memories do you have of yourself as a little girl
Madison... gosh too many. high school i had EVERY COLOR IN MY HEAD THAT YOU CAN THINK OF . Including orange 

HV...Colors, mention the colours you've rocked? Which ones haven't you, & why
Madison... green is probably the ONLY color i haven't... Because it looks like crap, literally. But it all looks crazy, i dont know what i was thinking, i love my natural black hair, not maybe with a few highlights ... Its my thing

Hv.. You mean green highlights?  
Madison.. lol. yeah that's just NOT for me

HV... You grew up in New Jersey & now live in New York, what's the difference in the hair lifestyles of the 2 cities?
Madison... i actually still live in Jersey just a better part lol. Well i sleep in New Jersey but I'm in NY every day. I'm a city girl . 

HV...Ok. Is there any difference in their hair lifestyles?
Madison... Jersey girls like big hair, New York girls like to be more expressive. I'm a little of both. But Jersey is the secret gem of New York . when i worked with Oprah and Beyonce it was both in jersey not NYC.

HV... are we allowed to get nosy? Tell us one thing about @Oprah & @Beyonce's hair 
Madison... @Oprah @Beyonce both FAMOUS of course. Beyonce actually wore side braids that day. its what started the braids trend again

HV... let's get personal, what's your natural hair like?
Madison... natural hair is BIG AND CURLY, JUST LIKE THIS. Honey blow out conditioner was on fleeeeek 

HV... Really! Talk true. No extensions hidden in there? Let me tell you a bit about us in naija, we grew up believing all American hair was real, only to discover they sneak in some...
Madison... lol. sometimes I'm guilty as charged but this is all me i promise

HV...on a scale of 1-10, how much of a hair person are you?
Madison... can i say 100! Lol

HV...Ha! What is the most extreme you've ever gone for your hair, have you ever gone hungry in order to make your hair?
Madison... nah thats crazy. if its a bad hair day, a bun is always safe. Im thinking, cutting all my hair off after a break up.

HV...What! That bad? Wetin? What were you thinking?? Lol
Madison... i wanted to start over

HV... Have you ever suffered a hair mishap, pls tell us about it?
Madison... everyone has bad hair days. yes hair damage from bleaching it and also i cut all my hair off one time in college. BIG MISTAKE.

HV...You've had associations with some hair companies in the past, pls tell us about it.
Madison... i brand a lot of products, meaning bring online exposure to the products i use including @kimobentley cosmetics. i love them

Hv.. Special thanks to @kimobentley for supporting this #hairvolutionhairforum. who makes your hair?
Madison... as of right now im going natural so me, i want my real hair to be healthy and strong
HV...What processes are you applying to achieve your all natural aim
Madison... I usually condition and braid my hair the night before to keep my natural bounce. But sometimes i just wash & let it air-dry. regularly do you visit the salon, what hairstyles are you feeling right now?
Madison... i have a personal hair stylist (Hi Mediah) she usually comes to me once a month. Especially since its summer, fall twice a month 

HV...tell us about the special shoot you had specifically for this forum was amazing with popularsomebody_psvision photograpghy. It was my fav because we used no make up.

Hv.. Thank you popularsomebody_psvision. What's your opinion of Hairvolution mag's prospects?
Madison... you guys are cooler than the other side of the pillow

Hv.. Thank you Maddy, I think Naija has gained a new citizen in you. Love you to bits.Thank you for being part of #hairvolutionhairforum today
Madison. My honor.



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