HV.. @topebeesley welcome to #hairvolutionhairforum. let's meet you
TB.. hi guys I'm a uk based healthy hair stylist. i also created a natural hair bath and skincare brand called Mahogany Naturals.

HV..  You also studied hair, tell us about that?
TB.. i studied hairdressing but unfortunately in the uk they don't teach black haircare. especially natural hair. so everything i know I taught myself or learnt through other stylists.

HV.. Ehn ehn is that true?
TB..  you're not allowed to use any person with curly hair in your assessments even if they are european ����. which is stupid really since 60% of women have wavy, curly or afro hair.

HV.. why do they not teach black hair in the UK
TB.. i have no idea, its pretty ridiculous. I used to go into white salons and they would say "we don't do your type". it just doesn't make sense. i think there might be some independent schools though.

HV.. So tell us from experience, what's the difference BTW white and black hair?
TB..  well the structure is the same but the texture is different: curly and afro hair is more unpredictable. it has to be cared for and cut in a different way, curly and afro hair needs more moisture while straight hair gets greasy.

HV.. Ok. Tell us about white hair\european?
TB.. European hair is usually wavy or straight. get weighed down easily, stronger than afro hair and is generally more resilient.

HV.. tell us who is an aromatherapist?
TB.. someone who studied and uses essential oils to treat illnesses or create products that heals the body and soul.

HV.. let's go back to your journey, where did you study hair?
TB..  i studied hair at @SaksHairBeauty academy in london. then i went to milton keynes college.

HV.. in your own opinion, what do you think makes a good stylist?

TB.. someone who is knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, always evolving and learning, you have to roll with the times and learn new skills and styles, you have to understand that every client is different.

HV.. how long did u practice #hairstyling before going into aromatherapy?
TB.. I've been a hair stylist for 9 years and aromatherapist for 5 years.

HV.. how did you come into aromatherapy?
TB..  I get stressed and anxious sometimes so I started researching natural ways to relieve anxiety and essential oils, and meditation came up. IN the western world doctors are quick to medicate you but essential oils are amazing for the mind.

HV.. the marriage between aromatherapy & hair, what's that?

TB.. Your head, face and skin shows the first signs of trouble with the body. If your body is not working right your hair gets all the nutrients last from the food we eat. so essential oils help bring back any nutrients lacking from diet to our scalp and hair. Also the ritual and meditation and inhalation of the fragrance also calms the mind.
A lot of the essential oils repair any damage to the scalp, which is where our hair grows out from and thus needs TLC. For instance dandruff dry and\or itchy scalp can be cured or relieved with tea tree and rosemary.

HV.. Ehn ehn, tell us more
TB.. or if your hair starts to fall out in chunks it could be a thyroid issue. its usually best to get a doctors opinion.

HV.. Really! That probably led to creating ur own range of products right? What are these products?
TB.. my clients are varied all with different hair types and concerns so I created a range that works for everyone.

HV.. Really? How can one product work 4 everyone
TB..  we have a wide range so certain products are for specific issues and we prescribed different products to different clients.

 SO for instance our hair growth and thickening elixir is for those with thinning hair and scalp issues. Our Brazilian butter damage reverse treatment is for colour treated and damaged hair. our extraordinary conditioning hair detox is a 2in1 product.  it gently cleans, detoxifies and deep conditions.

HV.. At the risk of sounding naive, does hair have toxins?
TB.. there are toxins in pretty much everything now. chemicals and pollution in household items and the air.
Hv.. @topebeesley thanks 4being part of #hairvolurionhairforum today. We hope u'll answer when we invite you next time?



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